Search Engine Optimization

Through an SEO optimized site, keyword strategy, and content strategy, our experts will boost your traffic. And not just any traffic. We'll drive your ideal prospects to your website.

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SEO - Search Engine Optimization

SEO-For-Manufacturers.jpgIf your manufacturing website doesn't show up in Google for the keywords your buyers use, you don't exist online. 

Website traffic is the foundation of lead generation and RFQ submissions. Your site should be increasing in visits month over month. The quality of the visits should be improving as well.

All SEO Services ARE NOT Created Equal

Unfortunately, there are plenty fo shady 'SEO' companies out there. They often call your office offering page 1 rankings in Google. These calls are scams. Don't fall victim to them.

We're a reputable search engine optimization firm with over 10 years of experience helping manufacturers like you move up through ranks and improve their website traffic.

SEO Strategy is Everything

SEO strategy starts with your buyer. What do they look for in Google? We need to rank for those keywords to drive more, high quality traffic. You might be surprised what keywords are the true drivers of traffic and leads.

Through technical on-site optimization that makes your site more easily scanned by Google, prospect-focused keyword strategies, and strong content strategy, we can take your website from search obscurity to highly visible.



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Protocol 80 has been a great addition to our marketing strategy. I had no idea an outside marketing firm could understand and market my business so effectively! I find them very easy to work with and they seem to genuinely care about my business and the bottom line..

Rhonda Brooks., Owner
Deer Creek Winery