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The Importance of Keeping Your Blog Fresh

I know from personal experience that keeping your blog current with quality information that people want to read is difficult. Our days are filled with several things that make it difficult to make your way to your blog...unless your job is blogging of course. But, in an article on Search Engine Guide called "How to Kill a Blog in 10 Days" Jennifer Laycock discusses the importance of keeping up with your blog. Readers are anxious and can easily forget about you if you are not posting to your blog on a regular basis.

Sometimes people have difficulties maintaining their blog because they are writing about topics they are just not that passionate about. In order to be successful you must write about something you care about. If not, readers will be able to tell and you will have a hard time committing.

We have heard countless times that a blog can be a successful marketing tool...but it will not have a great impact if you aren't able to commit to it. Blogging is a great way to build links and increase traffic. It's not necessary to blog on a daily basis, but the more often you can provide quality blog posts the better. If there are times where you just don't have enough free time to add to a blog, invite a guest writer. There is a good chance that an acquaintance, co-worker, or blog reader has something to talk about...and by allowing them to post to your blog, you not only keep your content fresh, but it is an easy way to get new readers.

All is not lost if you are having problems making your blog a part of your daily or weekly routine, and you are certainly not alone. But, if you are looking to use the blog as a marketing tool, just remember...you will not reap any benefits without effort. Set aside a little bit of time so you can go out and read blog posts and hopefully contribute your own thoughts!