SEO Punctuation and Your Grandmothers Slippers

How often do you think of punctuation and how it relates to SEO? In some instances you just don't use it because you just know you shouldn't (i.e. in a domain name), but do you use it in the title of your web page? And more importantly, does it effect the search engine results? In an article at, the author explains why you avoid punctuation in web page titles and domain names.

While this may not be good news for companies with punctuation in their is necessary for them to leave it off in domain names if they want to be found in search results.

My favorite point demonstrated in the article is the use of punctuation in blog post titles when using programs such as Live Writer. I use Live Writer on a regular basis, and I am guilty of using punctuation in the title...on a regular basis. I just think the punctuation makes it look better and can also draw attention to the title...for instance, I purposely left out commas and apostrophes in the title and it just doesn't look right. This is what happens to the URL when you we use punctuation in the blog title:







Okay, so maybe it isn't the worst thing in the world, but it also isn't the best case scenario. When it comes to ranking well within search engine results, we often cannot afford anything other than the best case scenario.

Check out the full article. Barry offers many great examples and explains why something so small can have such a major effect. I will certainly give punctuation more thought before using in certain places after reading the article.

Also, this post has nothing to do with anyone's grandmother's slippers...sorry, maybe next post.

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