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There is a lot of search news out can be tough to make it through the good stuff. I gathered some articles together for a client and thought I would share.

· Does Including A Physical Address On Your Website Help Rankings?Including the physical address of a business may help with organic search engine ranks. This article compares several auto repair businesses to determine whether or not the physical address plays a factor.

· Is Your CAPTCHA Killing Your Business?CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) is great for reducing bots, spam and unwanted computerized visitors, but are websites losing business because of it?

· 33 Reasons to Use Twitter - A Guide to Finding Value in the Service! – You can’t go anywhere without hearing Twitter this and Twitter that, but many people are still having problems grasping a purpose for Twitter. Here are 33 reasons to Twitter.

· Why SEO & Usability are like two peas in a podMany SEO professionals forget about usability…but it is important in a quality SEO strategy. This article explains why SEO and usability are essentially the same.

· Microsoft Bing Goes Live – What is up with the new Microsoft search engine? Will it catch on? Will it compete? Does anyone care? Try it for yourself at

Please enjoy the articles. You can always find more search marketing info at our website.

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