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8 Important Online Marketing Statistics You Cannot Ignore

We know you should be in front of your target audience when they are online. You know you should be in front of your target audience online. Do you need more convincing? If so, here are 8 online marketing statistics that you definitely cannot ignore:

  1. The average adult spends 18 hours online per week.

  2. Everyday, 1.9 BILLION people are searching online for what they need.

  3. 81% of the GLOBAL online population can be reached by the Google Display Network

  4. Nearly 41 of every $10 spent, is spent online.

  5. 77% of smartphone users visit or call a business after using their phones to find information locally

  6. 33% of mobile users use their device while watching TV

  7. Internet users are exposed to 30 Google Display Network ads on average every day

  8. 53% of mobile users on average have made a purchase as a result of mobile search

So I guess the real question is not why...but how.

You have been reading our blog right? If so you know the right ways to get in front of your audience is through SEO, PPC, Social, Email, and just an overall good web presence. Take pride in your website and don't think of it as something that is just there because it has to be. Make it part of your team and it will likely turn into one of your highest sales generators. You may need help, that is why we are here. Get in touch with us today, we would love to chat with you!