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Faster Lead Generation with Sponsored Ads - Event Announcement

We are happy to announce a new learning event in March focused on helping businesses understand how to utilize sponsored advertising to generate leads faster!

This course will help businesses understand how to increase website visitors using sponsored ads in the search engines, while focusing on a strategy that will generate conversions and keep ad costs low. By successfully implementing these strategies a business will be able to generate a positive return-on-investment at a faster rate than some other online marketing initiatives. This seminar is not intended to instruct you on how to replace other online or traditional marketing efforts, but instead get a better understanding of sponsored ad best practices and creating an effective strategy.

Here are a few specifics we'll discuss:

  • How to build your strategy based on your ultimate goals. Anything that doesn't help you meet your goals are unneeded.
  • One of the biggest advantages of sponsored advertising is the measurability aspect. We'll show you how to ensure everything is tracked and your conversions have value.
  • How to properly build a Google AdWords account.
  • Performing effective keyword research for sponsored advertising.
  • The anatomy of a Google AdWords ads.
  • The impact and proper use of landing pages.
  • For more specifics on what we'll cover, check this out: http://p80.us/d8d577

Who Should Attend?

To put it simply...YOU should attend.

If you have ever wondered how to generate more traffic, leads, conversions, or sales through your website, you should definitely attend.This course will offer enough valuable information to get you motivated and hopefully get a sponsored ad initiative launched quickly. Whether you plan on managing your own account or having an agency manage your AdWords account, the information will be valuable. The best practices will be applicable to both B2C (business-to-consumer) and B2B (business-to-business) industries and if implemented appropriately we are confident that 100% of businesses will be able to generate a positive ROI.

Be Social!

We want to make this fun! We encourage social interaction before, during, and after the event. If you don't have a personal social media profile set up yet, these can help you get started:

Event Details

Date: March 19th, 2014
Location: SUNY JCC, Jamestown Campus, Carnahan Building Room 123
Cost: $20.00
RSVP: 716-338-1024
Event Flyer: http://p80.us/6f102f