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Pop Quiz - 10 Questions To See If Your Organization Has A Web Strategy

Web marketing Pop Quiz time people! Close your other open tabs and get a fresh sheet of paper. It's time to see what you know.

1. Easy Points - List 3 ways you interact/stay in touch with companies that you buy from online right now (examples: Amazon.com, Ford, Under Armour, Nike, Walmart, etc...)

My guess is that you listed email, Facebook and their website. Those are the most common answers. You may also follow them on Twitter, Google+, etc...

2. OK, now list 3 ways your organization's clients/prospects can interact with you online at this very moment:

Did you come up with more than your website? If so, great! If not, you're behind. If your clients/prospects can interact with you through social media and/or email blasts that you send, is it at the same level as the brands that you interact with online? If not, why? Often it's because you just have't planned much with your web marketing and it's more of just going through the motions. That needs to change.

3. True or False, you post for your company on Facebook/Twitter/Google+/Instagram just because, with no real planning or though behind it. It's more of a spur of the moment decision.

4. True or False, your company knows specifically what it's trying to get out of social media and who they are targeting in each social channel.

5. True or False, your company sends email blasts with no real goal associated with the emails.

6. True or False, your company has web marketing meetings to discuss strategy and how to get results out of your web marketing efforts.

7. True or False, your company reviews your website, social and email analytics to gauge the effectiveness of your web marketing efforts.

8. List at least one topic or theme your company is focusing on each month in your web marketing strategy.

9. True or False, without looking, you know how many Facebook Likes, Twitter Followers, Google+ Followers, Email Subscribers you are trying to get to in the next 30 days?

10. True or False, your company could benefit from a partner that can guide the web marketing strategy planning process.

Extra Credit -

If you want to really evaluate how you're doing, ask these same questions of the biggest competitors in your industry and document the answers. That just might be the fire needed to get started on your organization's web marketing strategy.


How Did You Do?

After running through these simple questions, how did you feel about your organization's preparedness? Do you feel like you are right where you need to be or getting close? Do you feel like you are light-years behind? If you'd like a hand, let us know. We'd be happy to help!