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10 Signs Your Website is Ready for an Update

There are many reasons why it might be time to refresh your website. Take a look through the list and see if your business is a culprit of some of these.

10. You've got no social media buttons on your site either to share or connect.

Social media is important on several aspects from connecting with customers to your ranking in search engines. Even if you haven't emerged your business into the social media world, it doesn't hurt to allow your visitors to help you share your content.


9. You are using a splash intro page.

We don't see these as much anymore, but they are kind of annoying. A website visitor is visiting your site to get information, let them access it quickly. Additionally, splash screens are not doing you any favors if you are trying to have your website show up in search engines.


8. Your website is entirely made from Flash.

Flash websites are not your friend. Just because you have one doesn't mean that your site is necessarily old either. Some of the new "do-it-yourself" website builders will allow you to create a flash only website. These sites will perform very poorly in search engines.


7. You are using several different font sizes, colors, types, etc. all on the same page.

Making fonts bigger and bright red is not the best way to make content pieces stand out...it just makes your website look home made. There are better ways to make content stand out these days.


6. You aren't using a content management system.

If you aren't using a content management system at this point you are doing yourself a disservice. It is no secret that good website content is VITAL to the success of that website.


5. It looks like it was designed using Microsoft Word.

Design is important no matter what anyone tells you. It doesn't have to be fancy, but it should portray your business well. Did you know that first impressions when visiting a website are 94% design related? What kind of first impression do you want to make?


4. Instead of Google Analytics, you rely on a visible hit counter to gauge traffic.

Hit counters not only look terrible, but they are often inaccurate and don't give you any data to rely on for future decisions about your online marketing. Google Analytics is free and can be set up on most websites in a very short amount of time.


3. You have never implemented an SEO strategy or are relying on one from 5 years ago.

SEO is not a set and forget it marketing strategy. There are too many variables involved such as search engine algorithms, industry changes, competitor changes, consumer behavior, etc. If you are relying on an old SEO strategy chances are good that it is losing its luster.


2. Your website isn't mobile friendly.

If you haven't already seen an increase in mobile visitors to your site, I'd be shocked. If a visitor still has to zoom in to read your website content you are making it easy for them to leave your site and find their answer somewhere else. Now is the time to consider responsive design.


1. You are not prepared to capture inbound marketing leads.

In the past it was OK to say I need a website just because my competitors do. These days that is not enough. You should consider your website a powerful marketing tool. Your website should be able to create landing pages, create blog articles, capture leads, etc. Even the basics of this is better than an old fashioned 5 page website that may or may not include a contact form.


Website Update Checklist

A B2B website is just like a physical storefront: It's a door and windows into your products, services, and core differentiators. How will B2B buyers ever believe your product is cutting-edge when your website looks like Fred Flintstone developed it?

Unsure how to improve your website and SEO in a way that's seamless and efficient? Check out our free checklist here:

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