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Your Old Friend Email Still Has a Few Tricks Left!

A common rumor in marketing and on the Internet is that email is on the way out and will surely be replaced by social
media. This is not surprising considering the fact that at the beginning of 2014, 72% of all internet users were on social media. Most Internet users know just how easily and quickly information spreads over social media. In fact, sharing content can be done with the click of a button on various social media sites and that content has the potential to reach millions of people at astonishingly low costs.


The marketing possibilities are endless with social media, but this does not mean older marketing methods such as email marketing are useless. I am not saying that social media will never replace email but right now email is not dead. In fact, email is thriving!

  • Email is the most popular online activity
  • 94% of Internet users send or read email while only 83% use a search engine and only 61% of Internet users access social media
  • 75% of all online adults say that email is their preferred marketing method. Furthermore, 17% of the time that people spent using email was devoted to using commercial email.
  • When is comes to mobile devices, email is the #1 activity on mobile devices while only 36% of mobile users access social media.

Although critics may argue that many Internet users do not read all of their emails or and they send many emails to their spam folder while opting to use social media for communication, these above facts prove that email is still a worthwhile marketing venture. While I definitely do not advocate that businesses should focus their online marketing efforts solely through email, businesses should not leave email marketing in the dust just yet!

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