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    How to Know When It's Time to Modernize Your Website

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    In today's high-speed world, a website can feel outdated a month after it's redesigned, at least to the team that worked on it. While a month or even a year may not be enough to make your site outdated, there are some surefire ways to determine if your website is outdated and in need of a redesign.

    How to Modernize Your Website: 3 Warning Signs to Watch

    If you meet any of the criteria below for crappy, outdated websites, you need to act immediately -- or risk falling behind your competition:

    1. You're ignoring SEO best practices for 2021
    2. You don't have website tracking
    3. You didn't design a mobile-friendly website

    Your Outdated Website Doesn't Include An Ongoing SEO Effort

    Search engine optimization (SEO) is no longer optional if you're figuring out how to modernize a website. That is a reality of having a business website. If you aren't trying to improve your search engine rank on an ongoing basis, you aren't serious about using your website to grow your business. You have to be where your ideal buyer is looking and one of those places is most certainly Google.

    The bottom line is that not having a SEO strategy means your website efforts are outdated.

    Website Assessment

    You Don't Have Tracking Installed On Your Website

    Having no analytics package installed on your website is a clear sign that your website is outdated. Any remotely modern site will have at least Google Analytics installed. If you're not sure if you have Google Analytics installed, we have a post for that here.

    Not having analytics means not being able to track the effectiveness of your website. Tracking is one of the biggest advantages to inbound marketing. Unlike other marketing tactics, you can know exactly what is working and what needs improved.

    Your Website Doesn't Adapt For Mobile

    Google recently stated that over 52% of searches are now done from a mobile device. If your website doesn't adapt and render well on a mobile device, 52% of the searchers that find you are hitting the back button. That's a surefire sign you need to work on how to make your website look modern. If you want to test how your site looks on a mobile device, take the darn phone out of your pocket and go to your site!

    You can also resize your web browser down to a smaller size to see if your site uses responsive design. There are also online emulators you can find to replicate a mobile device.

    Is Your Website Outdated?

    There are many other elements that could help determine if your site is outdated, but these 3 are biggies. So what's the verdict? Does your website need an upgrade?

    SEO optimization is almost always the first step in improving your business's online presence. Grab the free e-book below to learn about how to research relevant keywords to use on your website:

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    (This article was originally published in February 2015 and was recently updated.)

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