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    How to Tackle Common Issues Causing Bad Website Traffic

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    If you are having issues with bad website traffic, that can mean one of two things.

    1. You get very little website traffic.

    2. You get a decent amount of traffic, but it's all junk.

    Neither of these are great situations, and they must be addressed. Let's approach them in the order listed.

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    Bad Website Traffic Because of Low Volume

    No-TrafficThis is a very common issue, and you're not alone. While we don't want to focus on the volume of traffic alone, if you don't have enough it makes it difficult to be profitable. Here are the most common causes if you have low traffic volumes.

    • You have never implemented any SEO - A website is not a set it and forget it type of thing. Not every SEO strategy must be Fortune 500 level, but even the smallest business should be optimizing their websites on some level. Click here to find out how well your site is optimized.

    • You have an indexing issue - It is possible that your website is already SEO friendly, but there's something stopping the search engines from actually listing it in results. The best place to check on this is Google Webmaster Tools.

    • You have "crawling" issues - This is slightly different than indexing issues, but end result is the same. If Google and the other search engines can't "crawl" your website, they can't see all of your content and website pages. If they can't see it, they can't rank it! Again, a good place to check is Google Webmaster Tools.

    • Your content is terrible or you have very little content - Search engines need content to rank your site. They cannot tell what you offer from images alone. The more high quality content pages you have, the higher the chances that you'll rank... and the more you rank, the more traffic you will get (at least in theory).

    • You've been penalized - It is possible that a search engine has removed you from search results because you have been penalized. This most commonly occurs when a website utilizes "black hat" SEO tactics (applied by an amateur website owner or a shady SEO provider). If your website traffic suddenly drops off, you need to take immediate action to discover the cause.

    You Get Website Visitors, But They Are Poor Quality and Don't Convert

    Poor-Quality-TrafficBelieve it or not, this can be just as bad as the previous issue. Ultimately, you need your website visitors to turn into leads and sales so you can make money, right? That's not going to happen if they don't even spend enough time on your website to find out what you are all about.

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    Here are some common issues that bring in poor quality website traffic:

    • Poor SEO implementation - Not all SEOs are created equal, especially if you're comparing moonlighters and DIYers to the pros. A good SEO will not only focus on getting you more traffic, but better traffic. The best thing to do in this scenario is to have an expert evaluate your site for shady tactics, outdated practices, and anything else that could be hurting your website.

    • The focus of your SEO is wrong - Maybe you have all of the SEO "best practices" in line, but if you are generating the wrong type of visitor, that traffic is useless. You need to revisit your strategy and refocus your efforts on your buyer personas.

    • You have issues with your website content - It is possible that search engines are indexing you for irrelevant keywords. Using Google Webmaster Tools, check to see how Google sees your website and which keywords are generating impressions. If they are mostly off topic, you've got a problem.

    Sure, there are numerous other things that can cause bad website traffic, but these are some of the most common. Don't let your SEO slide hoping it will fix itself, because it won't. 

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