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    11 Buyer Persona Statistics That Prove Personas Are Awesome

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    iron-man-933709_1920.jpgUpdated 12/14/16.

    Buyer personas are an essential component of any inbound marketing campaign. Without them, you're like Iron Man without his AI assistant - flying blind.

    Personas represent your best buyers (the people you love to have as customers). This means something different to everyone, based on their business goals:

    • People who generate the most revenue
    • People who get along with your team
    • People whose projects challenge you
    • People who share your beliefs or convictions
    • People who are passionate about what you do

    Whatever type of buyer you're looking for, a clear-cut persona will help you bring more of them on board. That's why personas are awesome - but here are some stats to back it up.

    11 Buyer Persona Statistics That Prove Personas Are Awesome


    • Using buyer personas in an email campaign improved open rate by 2x and clickthrough rate by 5x. MLT Creative
    • Behaviorally targeted ads are twice as effective as non-targeted ads. HiP 
    • Using marketing personas made websites 2-5 times more effective and easier to use by targeted users. HubSpot
    • [Personalized emails] drive 18 times more revenue than broadcast emails. HubSpot
    • Skytap, a self-service provider of cloud automation solutions, implemented a targeted content marketing strategy and saw the following results:
      124% increased sales leads
      55% increase in organic search traffic
      97% increase in online leads
      210% increase in North American site traffic. HubSpot
    • According to Mark W. Schaefer, 3-4 personas usually account for over 90% of a company’s sales. Business Grow
    • Buyers are 48% more likely to consider solution providers that personalize their marketing to address their specific business issues. ITSMA
    • 81% of buyers will pay a premium for industry experience and industry-specific solutions. ITSMA
    • But… only 44% of B2B marketers use buyer personas. ITSMA
    • In a study performed by Relevance, only 15% of respondents found buyer personas to be “significantly effective” - however, only 15% of respondents used in-depth, qualitative research. Coincidence? Relevance
    • A MarketingSherpa case study found that buyer personas added the following value:
      a 900% increase in length of visit,
      a 171% increase in marketing-generated revenue,
      a 111% increase in email open rate,
      and a 100% increase in the number of pages visited. Act-On

    Edit: BONUS STATS!

    • In the case of Intel, buyer personas surpassed campaign benchmarks by 75%. They were more cost efficient than the average campaign by 48%. DemandGen Report

    • In the case of Thomson Reuter, buyer personas contributed to a 175% increase in revenue attributed to marketing, 10% increase in leads sent to sales, and a 72% reduction in lead conversion time. DemandGen Report

    Buyer personas simply make sense. They help you find your best customers and vice versa. Your marketing strategy is more efficient, and you don't waste time chasing uninterested leads. 

    Buyer personas are your GPS and missile targeting system. The J.A.R.V.I.S. to your Iron Man.

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