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    #Hashtag: Trade Show Ideas to Double Your Social Media Following

    By now, you’ve probably heard social media is supposed to be this treasure trove of free and cheap advertising. But if you’re like a lot of manufacturers and other folks who frequent trade shows, you’re still waiting for the evidence. Well, don’t give up just yet. And, don’t assume what you’ve been doing up until now hasn’t been working -- you just need a few more trade show ideas that connect with modern buyers.

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    A History Lesson in Marketing

    Sometimes marketers think of great ideas...sometimes they think of bad ideas. Most of them have same goals however...get you to do something. If you come across a marketer that doesn't want to talk about goals you should talk to someone else! One thing is for certain, the way we do marketing has changed DRAMATICALLY! Take a look at this infographic from Hubspot. What type of marketing are you most responsive to as a consumer? Do you even know?

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    Jeremy Callinan Leaves protocol 80

    One of the founding partners of protocol 80, Inc. is no longer an owner or an employee. Please join us in wishing Jeremy Callinan luck with his new career path. Jeremy has taken a permanent position with one of protocol 80's longstanding clients doing programming work. He has worked with this client as a contractor since 2009 so the transition should be fairly smooth.

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    protocol 80 Office in Bradford, PA

    It's no secret, we are a small business just like many of you. We are happy to have finally been able to have our own office located in East Bradford, PA! Our building was a church many many years ago and more recently was used by a small business to engineer electrical things for the medical industry. Below is a photo from the Bradford Era of our office from 1949 when it was the 2nd Free Methodist Church.

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    Google Plus Brand Pages

    Good news! You can now create a brand page on Google Plus. Many of you had probably already done this prematurely and had the page removed. Now you can safely create a page for your business or organization and it will not be removed by Google. Here is what you need to know so far.

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    Social Media and Nonprofits

    We spoke at a nonprofit conference last week, discussing social media. One thing is certain, everyone wants to be involved, but there tend to be obstacles. Whether it's lack of staff, time or a strict gatekeeper, many of them have a hard time doing what they would really like to do with their social media strategy. I came across this infographic and thought the attendees of the conference might want to know what people are already talking about in the nonprofit online world. Good news if you have anything to do with animals! Infographic courtesy

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    It's Movember at protocol 80

    Movember. Mustache season. More importantly, time to raise funds and awareness for men's health.

    A couple of us at protocol 80 have joined a Movember team and hope to use social media to help our teams success.

    The Background

    Movember participants will start on 11/1 completely clean shaven. For me, this was odd. I have had a beard for more than 6 years. Now through the end of the month, we have committed to keeping, growing, and grooming only a mustache. In hopes to get my first donation, I will not post a photo of my clean shaven face until that first donation comes through. Throughout the month, the more donations I get the more pictures I will post. We will even take recommendations as to how to style our mos...but the donations have to come in. Official Movember rules can be found here.

    Our Story

    I wanted to start a team because there is certainly not enough attention given to men's health in my opinion. This is a fun way to help and we hope that we can be successful raising awareness in our local community and as far as our social media reach can go.

    The Use of Social

    We know that social is a great way to build awareness for any subject. All of us on the team already have personal Facebook and Twitter accounts. We started recruiting for our Movember team through these outlets. So far we are a little short on the volume of team members we would like, but we will continue recruiting.

    Secondly, I took 10 minutes to create a team Facebook page so that we can communicate with the community as a team, share progress, answer questions, etc. I don't expect to create a specific Twitter account for the team, as I believe we will have better success promoting through our own personal accounts. We hope to have fun with it on the social outlets while creating conversations and ultimately bringing in the donations. Our goal for donations will be $200 per team member. We currently have 3 team members, so the team goal will be $600.

    Additionally, I have created this blog post. Given the success or failure of our efforts, I would like to keep you updated with our thoughts on social media and it's effectiveness. Hopefully non-profit organizations will be able to gather ideas from our experiences to use with their own causes.

    Here are some links:

    Our Team for donations

    Join The BFD Movember Team

    The BFD Facebook Page - Like us!

    About Movember from the official website...including data on where the money goes!


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    PNC Bank Launches a Facebook Page

    One of the nations largest banks has been missing from the Facebook landscape until just recently. They have launched a new Facebook page in which they want to keep you up to date on what is happening in the PNC world. So far they are off to a pretty decent start by responding to customer service comments that come through the news feed. One thing that struck me as odd is adding a guidelines (rules) tab for using their page.

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    Does Klout Matter?

    If you have not heard or checked out, it is essentially an easy way to measure your online influence. Each person has a Klout score provided they are involved with social media in some way. Even users that do not participate are assigned a Klout score based on their interaction with the social world. To keep it simple, the more people you can reach and the more people that interact with your content and more importantly amplify your content, the higher Klout score you will have. For more details, check out their frequently asked questions section.

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    IMS11 Takeaways: Customer Personalization

    I had the opportunity to attend the Inbound Marketing Summit 2011 in Boston this year along with Donny and Josh, and one of the biggest takeaways from a developer's standpoint is that the best way to enhance user and customer experience with the websites and applications we develop is to add elements of personalization - this creates a "sticky" experience that keeps folks coming back for more over time. So what is a personalized experience?

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