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    9 B2B Email Marketing Tips to Help You Stand Out

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    B2B Email Marketing TipsRay Tomlinson sent the first networked email in 1971. Back then, an email was a way to copy a file to another user’s file directory.

    Email has evolved a lot since 1971, and email marketing has evolved right along with it. Because of smartphones, we have access to emails 24/7. And with more than 225 billion emails sent daily, you don’t want yours to get lost in the shuffle.

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    B2B Email Marketing Tips

    1.  Make Your Subject Line Count

    Your subject line is the first thing your recipient reads. It convinces them to open your email or ignore it.  In fact, 35% of email recipients open an email based on the subject line alone.

    So, it’s important that your subject line stands out, and ultimately gets your readers to not only open but read your email.

    So, how do you do that?

    Find the sweet spot with your subject line length. Long subject lines get cut off, especially on mobile devices. Keep your subject lines between 40 to 50 characters. If you’re having a hard time with this, think of your important keywords and go from there.

    Personalize, personalize, personalize. If you add your recipient's name to the subject line it makes them feel like you’re speaking directly to them, which increases open rate.

    Let your readers know what’s inside. Recipients aren’t going to open your email if they don’t know what the value is. State what you’re offering them in the subject line so they open your email to get it.

    Emphasize exclusive content. Your readers want to feel special. If you send them an exclusive offer they’ll be more enticed to click through.   

    2.  Send Using a Familiar Name

    The sender name makes a difference on open and clickthrough rates. Recipients don’t trust getting an email from an unfamiliar sender. 43% of email recipients click the Spam button based on the sender name.

    Send your email from someone who works at your company (a well-known employee is best). The existing rapport makes them more likely to click.

    3.  Personalize, Personalize, Personalize Again

    Your email content should be personalized just like your subject line. Greeting the email recipient by their first name is the easiest way to add personalization.

    Personalized emails are also beneficial to your metrics, showing a 14% increase in clickthrough rates and a 10% increase in conversions.

    4.  Segment Your List

    By segmenting your email list, you send the right message to the right readers. You can segment by psychographics, demographics, industry, number of downloads of your content, etc.

    Your recipients will open your emails if the content is specifically tailored to them. If it’s irrelevant, they’ll ignore it.

    5.  Connect Your Content and Subject Line

    Your content delivers on the promise you made in your subject line - it MUST be relevant. DO NOT use a clickbait subject line just to increase your open rate. It’ll also increase unsubscribes.

    6.  Include a Call-To-Action

    It’s important that your email only has one goal. Make your call-to-action reflect that goal.

    If you want your readers to download your latest offer, then tell them with specific action verbs. “Download Now” is more convincing than “Submit.” The word “now” also shows a sense of urgency.

    7.  Add an Image

    Use images throughout your content to break up your text, making your content easier for your readers to view.

    When you insert an image, make sure to reduce the file size. Smaller files prevent increased load times. If your readers have to wait for your email to load, they simply won’t read it.

    8.  Social Sharing Buttons Are a Must

    Social sharing buttons make it quick and easy for your readers to share your content. Their peers (people like them) will see your content, helping you gain new fans and followers.

    9.  Encourage Your Readers Further with a P.S.

    Your P.S. is your last chance to capture your reader’s attention and, more importantly, encourage them to take action. Use it to complement your CTA and nudge your readers further along in their buyer’s journey.

    Use your P.S. to provide a benefit you haven’t mentioned yet, cross-sell complementary items, or simply lead your readers to your blog or social media channels.



    Successful email marketing prompts your readers to take action. After they take action, are you prepared to follow up with lead nurturing?

    With the help of email marketing automation, emails can be sent out automatically, helping you nurture new leads. This brings them closer to making a decision and becoming your customer.

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