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FABTECH Forecasting: What to be Excited About in 2023!

Last week, the p80 crew took a trip down to Atlanta for FABTECH 2022. While walking the floor, we talked to people from a myriad of different companies to get a pulse on the new and exciting technology being introduced to the industrial sector in 2023. 

A select few of these individuals were awesome enough to take it one step further and talk about their new innovations on camera for us. Take a look at what they had to say:


Manufacturer Interviews: From the Floor of FABTECH

Explore more and get to know some of the amazing companies and people we got to know at the booths.

Nathan Landsman - QBuild Software - 0:20

As stated on their website, “QBuild solutions enable the direct connection of CAD data to ERP, reducing engineering costs, streamlining internal ECN processes, and equipping sales teams with engineering expertise.”

Nathan Landsman, Account Executive at QBuild, noted that their software is becoming very important for companies right now, due to the seemingly ever-present shortage of labor. He’s most excited about the new automation coming out in 2023 and what the future holds for integrations with this technology. 

Jakob Eibe - Laservision USA - 1:00

Laservision USA provides laser safety equipment and training to protect people wherever lasers are being used. Their products include laser safety eyewear, barriers, and windows as well as custom enclosures. They offer on-site training, CDRH compliance, and laser safety audits and consulting

Jake, Sales Specialist at the company, told us he’s most excited about the new advancements they’re making in conjunction with IPG Photonics. Laservision is engineering custom safety solutions specifically for IPG’s new handheld laser welding system, including eyewear, barriers, enclosures, etc. The companies are also working together to create a lightweight, laser-safe welding helmet to better protect and serve their customers.

Mike Johnson - Hycomp - 1:27

Hycomp is a manufacturer of oil-free compressors and boosters. 

Mike Johnson, Director of Sales and Marketing for Hycomp, was at FABTECH this year to unveil their new E-Series line. They have taken a large system footprint and shrunk it down into a smaller, more compact footprint and fit it into a self-contained enclosure. This now acts as a convenient, plug-and-play system solution for something that was once more complicated. 

Sean Brown - Burloak Tool & Die - 1:57

Burloak Tool & Die, as the name suggests, is a tool and die maker. They are also a production stamper and they mainly serve the Auto, Heavy Duty, and Appliance industries. 

We were joined by Sean Brown, President and CEO at the company, who shared his excitement about their new capabilities for servo press stamping. This brings options to companies that want to get parts stamped that previously had to be machined because this technology offers full CNC control with the force curve. 

He went on to say:

“FABTECH is a great way to learn more about what’s happening in the industry now.  Some interesting trends are happening like increased demand for die service and repair for existing dies. What people look for in companies like ours that can refurbish, rebuild, and/or replace existing dies even if the dies are undocumented… or if they brought in dies from elsewhere that need to be tuned…”

Josiah Bondy - Fulcrum - 3:14

As Josiah, Content Marketing Manager at Fulcrum, puts it, “we’re a production management system for the next generation of manufacturers.” The company has reimagined the ERP system by connecting all necessary operations (production scheduling, job costing, item & inventory management, sales & quoting, etc.) into one, connected system. 

Josiah is excited about Fulcrum’s growth internally as well as the next generation of their product. He stated that the company is releasing updates to their system almost weekly to “increase throughput and efficiency for small and medium manufacturers.”

Mike Russo - National Bronze - 3:34

According to their website, “National Bronze Mfg. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of bronze based products.” The company produces bronze bushings, bearing, wear plates, and custom parts as well as supplies bronze, brass, and copper bar stock to manufacturers around the world. 

Mike Russo, VP of Business Development at the company, is excited about the automation advancements they are doing internally to limit the effects of the current labor shortage. National Bronze has been around since 1911 and these advancements will help them serve their customers better and keep their company thriving for another hundred years.

Greg Kersulis - Roemheld North America - 4:07

Roemheld USA provides “highly engineered solutions for Power Workholding, Zero Point Mounting & CNC Vises for Precision Metal Cutting, Assembly & Handling Technology, and Hydraulic & Magnetic Die Clamping Systems for Quick Mold and Die Changes,” according to their website. 

Greg Kersulis, Applications Engineer at the company, shared with us his excitement for their newest push/pull chain system for die handling. The inspiration for this product came from the challenge companies face when finding a safe, efficient, ergonomic way to move machines for tooling in and out the press. By using their new push/pull chain system, companies can now fully automate that process.

Paul Bosler - Fuchs Lubricant Co. - 5:16

Fuchs formulates and provides lubricants for just about anything associated with manufacturing. 

Paul Bosler, product manager at the company, shared with us the initiatives over the past few years to focus efforts on developing lubricants made with renewable materials instead of traditional fossil fuels. This not only helps to promote sustainability, but also helps to meet the challenges posed by new metals including high-strength steel, Gen 3 steel, and aluminum.

Bosler says, “it’s an exciting time, it’s a dynamic time, and we’re happy to be a part of it.”

Melissa Vecchi - JV manufacturing - 6:00

JV Manufacturing is a tool and die company that serves the industry through die design, stamping, and component manufacturing. They also, in my opinion, had the best giveaways at the show. If you haven’t had a Red Robin Mint Ginger Ale, I implore you to try one - they’re excellent!

With demand surging, Executive Director, Melissa Vecchi, expressed her excitement for the growth of the company over the next year. She also noted, like so many others at the conference, that the shortage of labor is driving innovation and pushing JV to look for new ways of operating.

To see the current opportunities at JV Manufacturing, click here.

Christopher Litz - Blastone International - 6:13

Blastone produces and supplies surface preparation products and technologies including blast booths & facilities, paint booths & facilities, and various supporting equipment.

Christopher Litz, Robotics and Applications Design Manager at the company, referenced the labor shortage in his comment to us and how he’s excited to watch technology come into its own while helping solve this challenge over the next year. He understands the push for automation because of this issue and is working to provide solutions and support to Blastone’s customers. 

Aaron Lael - EAS Change Systems - 6:48

According to their website, EAS Change Systems “develops, produces, and sells components and turnkey systems for quick tool changes on plastic injection molding machines as well as presses, stamping and die casting machines.”

Aaron Lael, Salesman at EAS Change Systems, told us about the exciting new programs happening on the magnetic side of things and how the company is continuing to innovate to better serve their customers. 

Goodbye Atalanta, Hello 2023!

Although our visit to Georgia’s capital was short, we learned so much about what's going on in the industry and what to look forward to in the near future. 

If we were to choose a theme for FABTECH, it would be the shortage of labor. Almost everyone we talked to mentioned and had been affected by this in some way or another. While it has certainly taken a toll on the industry, this challenge also seems to be driving innovation and pushing companies to take a hard look at their operations. 

We had a blast talking to everyone at the show this year and are already looking forward to next year’s show in Chicago!