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How to Cancel Your HubSpot Contract

frustrated young business man working on laptop computer at office.jpeg HubSpot software isn't for everyone. Maybe you signed your contract with dreams of big things. You were sold on the overall inbound methodology, but needed software to help you accomplish your goals.

But...you purchase the software and the needle just didn't move like you expected it to. Yes, that sucks, and now you're ready to abandon your strategy altogether.

... and then you remember you've got a decent investment in the HubSpot software. Logically your next thought is, "Well, I'll just cancel that."

Here's How to Cancel Your HubSpot Contract

Contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM), or if you don't know who that is, contact support by clicking the Help button in the lower-right corner of your screen.

You'll likely have to wait it out until the official end of your contract, but this will ensure that you're not automatically renewed for another year. You can try and fight it, but you probably won't get very far.

If you're using free or other products, visit this page for more info.

Before Going Too Far ...

Closeup portrait young woman with glasses scratching head, thinking daydreaming deeply about something, looking up, isolated white background. Human facial expression emotions, feelings, body language.jpegDid you purchase HubSpot to help you grow your business? Were you looking for more website traffic, more leads, more sales? Were you using marketing automation to help nurture more contacts into closed deals? Did you hire an inbound marketing partner to help you achieve these goals, but things just didn't work out?

I'm willing to bet at least one of the above (if not all) is the reason you signed your HubSpot contract to begin with, and even if you think you're ready to cancel your contract, some of those goals probably still ring true. So before jumping to conclusions that the HubSpot software isn't working, try and determine what went wrong. If all signs still point back to the software, cancel away!

Common Reasons HubSpot Isn't Working

  1. Your marketing strategy is broken. I'm not saying that it's never the software...but more often than not it's going to come back to the strategy. Even if you spent countless hours building it, it might be time to take a step back and consider it may have just missed the mark.

  2. Your strategy is great...but you're reaching the wrong people. Getting a bunch of leads isn't enough. If you're not reaching the right people with your strategy you'll always struggle to achieve what really matters in the end: revenue. If you find that you are doing well generating traffic and leads, but failing at getting new customers take a step back and consider, "are we focused on reaching the right people?"

  3. You've bitten off more than you can chew. Some businesses can manage their own inbound marketing and software without a problem ... but not every business. If you're trying DIY and struggling, maybe it's just too much and there is nothing wrong with that, inbound can be a beast. Consider your options for who might be able to help you.

  4. You aren't doing DIY, but you've hired the wrong partner. There are A TON of great marketing agencies out there. There are also a lot of less than stellar ones.
    1. If you're using HubSpot, use a HubSpot partner. These people are in it everyday. Look to tiered HubSpot Partners. These are the folks that maintain a certain volume of HubSpot accounts, hold the proper certifications, etc.
    2. Be sure they're the right fit for you. Inbound should be like a partnership. If you don't work well as a team or your agency doesn't care about your success as much as you, there might be a problem.
    3. Go back to #1. If an agency created your strategy, that doesn't guarantee success. It might be time to go back to the drawing board and see where you both missed the mark.
  5. You haven't given it enough time. Inbound marketing takes time, regardless of what software you've chosen. It can take 6 months even with the greatest of strategies to start seeing even a glimpse of light. If you're still early on, don't get too discouraged.

  6. Maybe it is the software. We like HubSpot, yes ... but I'm also not going to say it doesn't have flaws or that it works for everyone. Maybe you (or a partner) made the wrong software decision.

Second Thoughts About Your HubSpot Issues?

After reading, are you having second thoughts? Even if it's just an inkling, it's probably worth a short conversation with your HubSpot CSM or a 3rd party (someone like me for example).

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