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6 Ways Inbound Marketing Services Help You Further Your Career


You probably knew that inbound marketing is great for your business, but did you know inbound marketing services can benefit you? Whether you're working on climbing the corporate ladder, switching roles, taking over the business, or simply securing your place in the company, inbound marketing can certainly help you achieve your goals. 

Don't believe us? Take a look at these six things that an inbound agency can do for you.

1.  Inbound marketing services help you focus on more important responsibilities.

That's not to say marketing is unimportant. However, we sometimes find that a company's marketer(s) have had that title thrust upon them, and they were originally (and often still are) in charge of other aspects of the business. But small businesses are often low on resources, and that means you might have to put your secretary in charge of account management or marketing (AND sales, in some extreme cases). 

Inbound marketing services let you focus on those other responsibilities - the ones that you were originally hired to do - and make you look great in the process.

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2.  They make you look good.

Say you've been appointed the Marketing Director for your company. You're panicking a little, since you have no idea how you'll get any marketing work done on top of everything else (not to mention you haven't done any marketing in your life). You do some research and find out you can hire an inbound marketing company to take the weight off your shoulders and produce great results.

You run this by the boss, get it approved, and hire your chosen inbound marketing services provider. A few months down the road (when inbound clients begin to see tangible results, on average) the business is growing due to your initiative and savvy decision making.

The company is profiting, your boss is impressed, and you're able to complete your other responsibilities while taking the credit for this success.

3.  They grow your company - which means more opportunities for you.

When businesses grow, employees benefit. A growing business needs more employees, which opens up more opportunities for administrative and managerial positions. The company also gains the means to provide raises and other perks for its employees. More growth also means more job stability.

Inbound marketing services help your company prosper. An expert inbound agency will increase your brand awareness, website traffic, social media activity, lead generation, and more. It will bring more customers to your business, which creates a larger stream of revenue, which benefits every employee at your company - including you.

It's a win-win for all parties.

inbound marketing services networking opportunities

4.  They create valuable networking opportunities.

Every networking opportunity is valuable. If you're working closely with your company's inbound marketing services provider, you're more likely to reap the social benefits - both direct and indirect - of the work they're doing for your company.

Your inbound services provider can help identify valuable prospects, influencers, and collaborative peer relationships. You may find yourself interacting with the CEO of a company that's been on your radar for years, but have only now entered their radar due to inbound efforts.

And, further, that CEO connection can lead to additional prospect and client interactions (since your best buyers are likely to know others who need your services). Snagging one prospect means gaining access to their own network of connections.

5.  They prove your personal ROI with concrete metrics.

You're a valuable asset to your company. You know it, we know it, but you need tangible proof to convince the higher-ups. An inbound agency can help provide those numbers for when performance reviews inevitably roll around.

You can point to specific dates, interactions, and outcomes to say "I was in contact with this person on this date, which caused us to win this deal or brought this ROI." And, since your inbound marketing provider is diligently logging all of this activity in your CRM, CMS, or other marketing platform, you have the evidence to back up your statement.

6.  They help you achieve ALL your goals - career, personal, or otherwise.

All of these things listed above - focusing on your main responsibilities, cementing your place in the company, expanding your opportunities, networking, and proving your value as an asset - all help you get ahead in every aspect of your life.

You'll be a little more confident, a little more connected, with a little more in your pockets. That's what inbound marketing services can do for you.

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