What Is High Quality Traffic & How Do I Get More of It?

(4 minute read)

Basically do this, but with your website.

Not all traffic is created equal. While traffic quantity has its perks, traffic quality is what gets you customers.

Convert Website Visitors to Leads With a Landing Page

(5 minute read)

You have a high-quality visitor on your site and a call-to-action that draws his or her attention. What you need now is a landing page.

14 B2B Branding Statistics: Tips to Increase Brand Awareness

(3 minute read)

"Your brand is your promise." - Dana DiTomaso

B2B Inbound Marketing Tips: Getting a Prospect's Phone Number

(6 minute read)

We've compared dating and marketing in some previous posts. Why do we keep coming back to it? Because it's a pretty accurate analogy for the B2B buying process.

Asking for a prospect's contact information is a lot like asking for a stranger's digits. There are ways to increase your chances of success, and there are ways to look like a creepy asshole who doesn't understand boundaries. Doing it inbound marketing-style will increase your chances exponentially.

How to Improve Sales With Website Conversion Paths

(5 minute read)

Conversion Path: The path a visitor takes through your website to become a lead. A typical conversion path requires a call-to-action, a landing page, a form, and a thank-you page.

10 Lead Generation Strategies for Modern Businesses [Infographic]

(1 minute read)

Forget direct mail. Forget cold calling. Forget TV ads, radio ads, and billboards. Why? Because they're a complete waste of your time and resources. You need to leave behind everything you know about marketing and open yourself up to the wonderful world of modern lead generation techniques (which are all a part of Inbound Marketing). 

How Anxiety Can Improve Your Lead Generation Efforts

(5 minute read)

It sounds pretty ruthless, doesn't it? Inducing negative emotions to sell more stuff. In some ways, the way we play on each other's fears and insecurities to make money is absolutely deplorable (see: the weight loss industry). There's no denying that it works. However, there are morally responsible ways to induce anxiety in potential clients to increase the chance of conversion.

You don't have to become a manipulative super villain, hiding in the shadows and dropping weird passive aggressive statements about your clients' hair to make sales. You don't have to undermine their self-esteem or insult them to influence their actions on your website.

Anxiety in sales and marketing is created through three avenues: time the product is available, amount of product available, and social pressure to use the product. Here's how you can use these tactics to assist your lead generation efforts.

How to Build Your Email List Through Your Website

(5 minute read)

You can never have enough business contacts, right?