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    How to Prepare a Google Ads Agency to Manage Your PPC Account

    Starting a basic Google Ads account is not difficult in the least bit. With a bit of research and a credit card, you can get account going pretty quickly.

    However, maintaining an effective Google Ads account can be time consuming. Many small and mid-size businesses lack the resources and skills, so it's often better handled by a PPC (pay-per-click) ad agency.

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    10 Questions to Ask Your Google Ads PPC Agency

    Because we have been doing training seminars on Google Ads recently, we get to talk to many businesses about their experiences.

    We completely understand that most business people won't have an in depth knowledge of Google Ads (formerly AdWords), and we wouldn't expect them to. What I have found in talking to them is the lack of knowledge of what type of service, value, etc. they are getting from their current Google Ads agencies.

    In fact, some of these businesses are getting straight up taken advantage of.

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    [TEMPLATES] B2B Content Mapping Example for Digital Strategy

    What’s the most common cause of failure for a B2B digital marketing campaign? Most often, it’s either poor understanding of how inbound marketing works, or lack of commitment to a plan.

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    B2B Digital Marketing Plan Templates for 2022: KPIs & Goal Setting

    In digital inbound/content marketing, we say, “Work SMARTer, not harder.”

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    How to Increase Website Traffic Without PPC Using SEO, Social & More

    Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a great, and often very impactful, way to quickly generate website traffic.

    However, the PPC model may not be a good fit for every situation.

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    What Are Lead Generation Landing Pages? | B2B Website Strategy

    "What are landing pages, and why are they important to us?"

    You may have heard of them, but do you know what B2B lead generation landing pages are? If you're shaking your head, you're far from alone. The lowdown is this: You need landing pages if you want to drive revenue through your website via content/inbound marketing.

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    Google SEO vs. Bing, Etc. | Is It Worth Ranking in Other Search Engines?

    How often do you default to saying “Google” when you’re talking about search engines in general? (For example: “When’s that new horror flick coming out? Let me Google it.”)

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    What Is a PPC Landing Page? | Enhancing Your Paid Search Ads

    OK, you’re all set up with your paid ad. You’re showing up in Google search results or LinkedIn timelines. Time to let the leads roll in.

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    What Is B2B Inbound Marketing & Why Does It Matter?

    You may have heard of inbound marketing, or maybe you haven’t. Maybe you've wondered how the heck it could apply to a B2B company like yours.

    Either way, you're probably asking yourself, “What is B2B inbound marketing!?”

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    When Is a Paid Search Agency Worth Your Marketing Spend?

    Marketing isn’t easy.  Running a marketing campaign without understanding the time, effort, and audience involved sets you up for disaster. 

    Two things that businesses don’t want to do:

    • Waste money on marketing strategies that don’t work
    • Leave money (and customers) on the table for their competitors to grab 

    A poorly managed PPC campaign does both. 

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