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Whale Watching Ep. 1 -- Inbound Marketing Goal Setting


As we finally have the opportunity to throw our 2020 calendars directly into the trash, it’s time to begin putting a focus on what’s next. And if you’re a B2B company preparing for another year of unpredictability, it’s important to put an emphasis on marketing.

Luckily, we’re able to provide you with a brand-new resource to help you improve your marketing efforts throughout the year. It’s called “Whale Watching,” and it’s a new monthly inbound marketing show featuring protocol 80, Inc. team members Josh Curcio and Holly P. McCully.

About Whale Watching

A protocol 80 production, Whale Watching takes a unique, educational approach on topics like inbound sales and marketing. Once a month, a new video will be made and posted on The Sales Experts Channel.

Each episode will have its own specific topic. Together, Josh and Holly will answer questions about this topic, untangle industry jargon, discuss the building blocks of an inbound strategy, and make jokes along the way.

Episodes will also feature an interview with an outside sales expert to help provide even more insight to the world of inbound marketing.

Episode 1 Preview -- Goal Setting







In this upcoming episode, HubSpot Expert Josh Curcio and Niche Inbound Strategy Expert Holly P. McCully discuss the topic of goal setting and why it’s an important aspect to begin thinking of early in the year. Throughout the episode, they dive into important subtopics such as customer relationship management (CRM), the future of trade shows, and which pasta is best for throwing at the wall.

Each expert will also undergo a Q&A session, where they receive on-the-spot questions and give unscripted answers. The first episode will provide the answer to questions such as:

  • What are the top 5 marketing metrics that a business should use when setting their marketing goals?

  • What time frames should you use when thinking about marketing and sales goals?

  • What are some of the best tools to track goals?

  • What should you do if you’re going to miss your mark on a goal?

  • When setting yearly sales goals, where is the best place to start?

  • What challenges are apparent in 2021 that companies should be mindful of?

  • How can a company ensure their goals are SMART?

  • How do you prioritize the execution of different goals?

If these questions don’t catch your interest, then maybe you’re more interested in a game of Inbound Tower?

Inbound Tower (very similar to a certain other wooden tower game) consists of Josh and Holly pulling blocks out of a tower. Written on each block is a foundational aspect of an inbound strategy. Each block that gets pulled will be briefly discussed, and then the expert who drew the block will provide one tip.

For example, one of Josh’s blocks in the first episode is “Anchor Links.”

Josh explains that anchor links are jump points to another portion of a webpage. He elaborates on their effectiveness on pillar pages and other longer-than-usual pages, and makes key recommendations on how to use them.

It should also be noted that if one expert accidentally knocks over the tower, the winner chooses the loser’s new LinkedIn profile picture (high stakes here).

Interview With Kevin Must

The first episode of Whale Watching includes an interview with Global Inbound Marketing Manager Kevin Must of Lantek. Kevin has been working as a market manager for more than 4 years, and serves a vital role for his company.

Lantek is a global company that develops software for sheet metal fabricators.

During his interview, Kevin talks about his role in the company and some of the ways Lantek goes about setting its own goals. He also goes in-depth about improving SEO in 2021, how often he updates his goals, and the way that COVID affected different markets around the world.

If you’re looking for an exclusive inside peek into the life of a marketing manager who is battling the everyday challenges that the B2B landscape throws at them, you won’t want to miss this episode.

Join Us On January 21st, 2021

If you’re STILL not convinced that Whale Watching is worth a view, then maybe one of these other unique features will sway you:

  • Exclusive ability to interact with the experts by writing in your own questions
  • New talking points every episode
  • Tasteful Bill Clinton jokes

So whether you’ve already set your goals for 2021 or not, you’ll want to tune in for this first-ever episode of Whale Watching.

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