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Why are my competitors ranking higher than me in Google? (& Other SEO FAQs)

When you search for your primary services, where does your website show up? Most likely, it's showing up below your competitors in Google search results. You may not be on the first page at all - which is a huge problem if you're trying to get leads and customers online.

There's a reason why your rankings are low. Even better, there's a solution! Here's everything you need to know.

Why are my competitors ranking higher than me in Google? (& other SEO FAQs)

Why are my competitors ranking higher than me in Google?

Simply put, their site is easy for Google to understand and categorize. More importantly, it's providing a great user experience for visitors (Google takes this into account for rankings!). If you're showing up below your competitors, their website is better optimized for Google AND users.

What is SEO?

SEO is how you improve your website for both Google and users. If anyone tries to tell you SEO is only about Google, power walk in the opposite direction.

How will it increase my ranking?

  • Putting you higher in search rankings on SERP
  • Following googles rules = getting rewarded, higher on search rankings
  • Follow rules = higher rank ALSO what consumers on the internet want, best of both worlds
  • It's free
  • Produce useful, high quality, relevant content to your visitors
  • Page load speed & images
  • Header tags = simpler ease of use/readability. This is what your visitors want!
  • Outbound/inbound links = increased credibility, you know your stuff
  • Having different multimedia, keeping your audience engaged and on your site
  • Having no broken links...this drives traffic away = bad
  • Layout and formatting -- simple, simple, simple

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