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Your B2B Prospects Are Judging Your Website

First Impressions Count: Your B2B Prospects Are Judging Your Website More than 71% of B2B prospects start their research with a generic search to find potential partners. Although they’re looking for a product first, not a company, your first impression is crucial for getting on their short list.

Your business is unique, so show your prospects what sets you apart from your competition.

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7 Ways Your B2B Prospects Are Judging Your Website

(And what you can do to make the best first impression)

Your B2B buyers are judging your:

1. Associations and Memberships

Let your potential buyers know your current memberships. This lets them know you’re current with industry trends. You can do this by adding badges, logos, articles, and other associated media to your online channels.

2. Certifications

Show your prospects what certifications you have. Let your prospects know that quality is as important to you as it is to them.

3. Facilities

Your facilities say more about you than you realize - including the quality of products you produce. Your prospects want to know your facilities are up-to-date and well maintained. Provide photos and videos for them to look through. If you’re going all out, you can create a Google Indoor Street View (basically a virtual tour).

Also, tell them what improvement programs you use during your manufacturing process.

Improvement programs let your prospects know your facilities can respond quickly to their needs, reduce lead times and costs, and eliminate unnecessary waste. Your responsiveness is a competitive advantage.

4. Portfolio

Show them examples of past projects, including photos, materials used, turnaround time, testimonials, etc. Your prospects want to know if you solved similar problems for other customers.

5. “Made in the USA” Stamp of Approval

“Made in the USA” is more than a marketing gimmick. It means quality, responsive manufacturing, and support for our economy. Your prospects want their products to have the American stamp of approval.

6. Understanding

Listing what products and services you offer is important, but explaining how you will solve your prospect’s specific problems is more important. They want to know how you can make their life easier, and what it’s like to work with you.

7. Value-Added Services

Do you offer...

  • engineering services?
  • design assistance?
  • multiple services in-house?
  • finishing?
  • packaging?
  • transportation?
  • installation?

Your value-added services can set you apart from your competitors, so make sure your prospects can find them on your website.

25 B2B Website Must-Haves

There you have it: seven ways to make a first impression on your B2B prospects. But let’s take it a step further by shaping up your website to generate leads and increase sales with these simple things.

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