Manufacturing Websites

Your manufacturing website needs to drive quoting opportunities and leads. Period.

If you're like most manufacturers, you're investing thousands of dollars in a new website every 3-5 years and getting the same lousy results every time. Quite frankly, you're tired of it.

Your website should be more than an online brochure. Your website is a multi-utility powerhouse: it’s your chance to connect with a new prospect, move an existing lead towards a sale, and add value for existing customers.

According to SAP, our online attention spans have dwindled to 8 seconds – 1 second less than goldfish.

When prospects are browsing your site, you have fewer than 8 seconds to make an impression. As soon as a visitor clicks to your website, it begins to load - and they’re already forming an opinion about you based on your site's loading speed. Do you know what impression you're giving in those first critical seconds? If loading speed is so important, what other factors are you missing?

Here are a few other things to consider. Does your site:

  • Look dated and have out-of-date content?
  • Look like a template and lack a unique feel?
  • Look busy and difficult to navigate?
  • Look like it was developed by your nephew who took a computer class in undergrad?

If you answered yes to any of these, you’re crippling yourself. You need to make an unbeatable first impression, generate leads, and increase quoting opportunities. An unoptimized website will do none of these things.

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