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Going to trade shows is a huge investment in time and money.

Yet most businesses don’t have a clear view of their actual ROI.

ROI is the result of a sound trade show marketing strategy focused on reaching clear goals. 

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Show ROI

More Effective Trade Shows

Trade Show ROI is the result of a sound  strategy focused on reaching clear goals.

"More booth traffic," "More leads," and "More customers" all sound good, but those are vague goals.

We’ll help you set concrete goals, achieve those goals, and be more efficient.

As a trade show marketing agency, we:

  • Establish a plan for standing out before, during and after your show
  • Build a lead follow-up sequence that’s personal and targeted
  • Establish a clear view of true ROI

Specifics on How We can Help

TradeShowLeadsWe offer a comprehensive suite of pre-, during-, and post-trade show digital marketing services:

  • Goal setting & analysis of past efforts
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Other content production (i.e. blog posts)
  • Follow-up strategies -- personalized and automated
  • Booth design
The p80 way

our process

We'll evaluate past trade show performance and help you to set realistic, SMART goals.

Based on our research and your goals, we'll help craft a strategy to drive more booth traffic, conversations, and closed deals.
We'll capitalize on past show lists, your marketing database, and known prospects to use social media, email, and direct outreach; driving as much quality traffic to your booth as possible.
We build creative booth features and content to drive more leads. We implement live follow up with newly generated leads.

Nurturing starts at the show, not weeks after.
We use personalized, automated marketing to stay connected with leads after the show.

We close the loop on new business to monitor and update ROI.


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