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    Flash Tracking for Everyone

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    Yesterday the Google Analytics team announced that flash tracking will be available to all Google Analytics users. This is great news for businesses that cannot afford complex tracking packages that will track flash for you and the new feature has the ability to give you all the information you need to know. You can answer the following questions:

    How many people watched the flash video?

    Are you developing the right creative to attract new users?

    Is my content effective enough to get people to take action?

    In my opinion this is a step in the right direction for Google Analytics. They have also left the program open source so that developers can tweak the program for personalized use. GA has been the go-to analytics program for so many users with small budgets and has proved itself to be quite reliable. With the announcement of the new Yahoo! Web Analytics tool which provides real-time "enterprise level data" for free to customers, Google had to create something else to keep users from straying away from the program. After all, real-time tracking is quite appealing. Yahoo has not said whether or not flash tracking will be available in their new tool, but if not this will give users another reason to think about stacking their tracking packages.

    Check out the entire Google Analytics announcement from the official Google Analytics Blog.

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