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Are You Building Strong Customer Relationships? [Infographic]


Just in time for Valentine's Day, we're going to have you take a fun little quiz.

Have you been wondering about the kind of love relationship you have with your customers? Do they see you as a hot-shot Romeo, or the creepy guy in the corner with wilted flowers and a stare that seems to pierce clothing?

If you're the latter... knock it off.

To read your customer relationships horoscope, simply answer the questions appropriately and follow the little arrows through this infographic.


Infographic courtesy of Entrepreneur.

Obviously, you want your customers to feel that deep soulmate attraction to your business. You want to have a great long-term connection that causes sparkly pants feelings (purely from a business perspective) for both parties.

Customers want to be rewarded for being loyal. They want to receive special members-only surprise offers, discounts, packages, and benefits. They want you to call them after that one-night-stand-turned-crazy-business-deal-in-the-back-alley. They want to be reassured that they made the right decision choosing you over the other options.

Great ways to keep in contact include social media, email, and smart content. If you aren't staying in contact, you're missing a big opportunity to make another sale, either to your customer or to their connections.

Speaking of - 91% of B2B buyers are influenced by word-of-mouth when making their buying decision. Maintaining valuable contact after a sale increases the chances of a referral!

If you don't know how to maintain your relationship with customers, you can start with learning about the "delight" stage of inbound marketing