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November 28

Happy Thanksgiving from protocol 80, Inc.

Thanksgiving infographics? Yes, those exist.

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November 28

Using Sponsored Advertising for Small Business Saturday

One of the best things about AdWords is that it lets the little guys compete directly with the big guys. Obviously there are limitations, but putting a valiant effort towards a small campaign can yield a huge return-on-investment. Here are some tips for getting a campaign up and running for Small Business Saturday...and you can even have it up and running today. The next few days there will be fierce competition in the online retail space, so your Small Business Saturday campaign is going to be small and incredibly targeted.

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November 26

AdWords Quality Score in Layman's Terms

I find myself explaining the importance of quality score on a fairly regular basis. When explaining it to someone with little undertsanding of AdWords, they can have a hard time grasping it. But, if you are using AdWords, it is one of the most important factors for you to pay attention to. So do you know what it is? No? Well let me explain.

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November 14

Google Universal Analytics

Want to know more about the traffic that is coming to your website? With Universal Analytics you can learn more about the age, gender, and interests about your website traffic. This can come in handy for future marketing purposes. There should only be a few things that need done to get your tracking switched over. Want to know more about some of the features, here is a good article from PRDaily.com.

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November 12

Good Content vs. Great Content

The Makeup of Content on the Web. Fictional Chart A

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September 12

Using Google Analytics to Improve Your Manufacturing Website

Do you really want to take your manufacturing website to the next level? Make it difficult for the competition to keep up? Generate more traffic...leads...sales? OF COURSE YOU DO!

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August 30

How Manufacturers Can Use Content Marketing

One of the biggest challenges that we hear from manufacturing businesses is their lack of desire or ability to create content. They feel that content isn't worth writing because nobody wants to read it. Well, that is just not true. Yes, not absolutely everyone wants to read about the ins-and-outs of powdered metal or how to use reclaimed material to make a remelt alloy used in stainless steel production...but, someone does. Here is the important factor, that someone that wants to read it is probably someone in your industry. That person might be a purchaser, potential employee, a current customer, or yes, even a competitor. Don't be worried though, we're not telling you to give away proprietary information. The content we are recommending you create will be valuable to the readers, it will make you the go-to information source for the industry, it will help you rank better in search, it will show your potential buyers you know what you are talking about, it will help you leap tall ...

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August 08

3 Reasons Manufacturers Cannot Ignore SEO

It's generally understood that ALL businesses need a website. While it is usually more of an uphill battle with the B2B industry to convince them that it can be a useful tool instead of merely an online brochure it is something that B2B companies and manufacturers really need to understand if they are going to compete in the digital age. Here are a few common things we hear from stubborn businesses:

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July 31

Why a Manufacturer's Website Will Die Without an Easy to Use CMS

If you're an owner or have ever worked at a manufacturing company...particularly in the offices, you'll know that often times the staff is spread thin. Sometimes you have HR people that are also your accountants, you've got your CFO handing IT services and one we see quite frequently, sales people or administrative assistants managing the website. Here's the thing, the people handling jobs that aren't already their own already have jobs! It's not even that they are not willing or even eager to help out, it's that these "side" jobs are not their priority and they get pushed to the side.

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