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Finding Your Inbound Marketing Agency in Healthcare Technology

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Whether your company is selling healthcare enterprise software to large hospital systems or independently-owned dental offices, healthcare technology marketing has unique challenges. 

One of the biggest issues healthcare tech marketers face is carving out time in an already busy schedule to develop a buyer persona, create a marketing strategy, churn out engaging content, post on social media, nurture leads, review performance metrics, and implement changes quickly. 

Lather. Rinse. Repeat. 

That's why many healthcare technology companies are turning to inbound marketing agencies to bolster their lead generation efforts and boost their bottom lines. 

Benefits of Hiring an Inbound Agency for Healthcare Technology Marketing

The digital marketing tactics you regularly hear about -- content creation, SEO, PPC, website design -- are an inbound marketing agency’s specialty -- services all aimed at meeting prospects on their buyer’s journey and nurturing them into satisfied customers.  

Adding an inbound marketing agency to your marketing effort helps your company: 

  1. Generate More Leads -- inbound marketing agencies understand how to attract prospects to your website and turn them into leads. This creates a steady flow of high-quality leads to your company. 

  2. Increase Revenue -- With more high-quality leads, your salespeople will have a full funnel to turn into happy customers. 

  3. Use Time Efficiently -- Everybody could use more time. Many marketing executives find their teams are wasting time and money when trying to generate leads. They don't have the tools and clear processes in place. Agencies do!

  4. Be Cost-effective -- Because of the streamlined nature of agencies, they offer services that are much more cost-effective than you might expect.

A Modern Approach to Modern Buyers

Did you know 67% of B2B customers want to be able to research online versus speaking with a sales rep?

Inbound makes this possible. And it generates more sales-qualified leads.

Inbound marketing is a set of strategies that magnetize your brand online, attracting your ideal prospects to your website while on their buyer’s journey. Inbound marketing creates content that is helpful, builds trust, and guides prospects down the sales funnel. 

What to Expect: Inbound Marketing - Download PDF Here


HubSpot found that those using inbound marketing reported 2.5X the leads each month within 1 year of getting started. And 70% said conversion rates went up as well. 

Outbound marketing, on the other hand, relies on repetition and interruption. It reaches prospects when they’re in the midst of other things -- ever had an ad interrupt a song you were streaming or a video you were watching?

That’s not to say that outbound marketing is ineffective. When done properly, techniques like ABM (Activity Based Marketing) can be an effective way to penetrate new markets and re-engage others.

Vetting an Inbound Marketing Agency 

Deciding to hire an inbound marketing agency is a big decision -- one you want to get right the first time. But how do you know when you’ve found “the one.”

Here are a few ways to gauge if an agency is a good fit for your company:

Take a Deep Dive into Their Website

First impressions go a long way. If an agency’s website isn’t appealing or tough to navigate, how can you possibly trust they’ll do right by your company?

Your investigation doesn't stop at the homepage. It’s worth spending a few minutes poking around the rest of an agency’s website. 

  • What do their blogs look like? Are they well-written and readable?
  • Is it forthcoming with information about services or even pricing?
  • What resources does it offer to someone considering inbound marketing?

Bottom Line: Do they practice what they preach? 

Check References

While you’re taking a hard look at an agency’s website, check for any references it provides. Most inbound marketing agencies are very proud of the work they’ve done for clients and are eager to share it with the world in case someone like you comes along. 

Case studies are a good place to get some insight into an agency’s performance -- they dig into client successes the agency had a hand in. 

Have a Conversation

A conversation with an agency rep gives you even more of a window into what working with the agency might be like. A few things to consider during a conversation include:

  • Does the agency’s personality mesh with yours? 
  • Are they actively listening to you?
  • Do they understand your pain points? 
  • Are they eager to help you reach your goals?

What Services to Expect from an Inbound Marketing Company

While no 2 inbound marketing companies are the same, there are some services you should expect them to provide:

  • Buyer Persona Development -- The buyer persona is the foundation of an inbound marketing strategy. These profiles of your ideal prospect are what you’ll base content production and all marketing tactics on.  

  • SEO -- Search engine optimization increases website visibility in search results to help prospects find you organically. 

  • PPC -- Pay per click advertising used in conjunction with SEO and other inbound strategies increases leads quickly while an inbound strategy gathers steam.

  • Blogging -- Well-written and engaging blogs improve SEO, build trust, and establish your company as an authority. It’s the heartbeat of a strong inbound strategy.

  • Social media -- Social media helps you connect with potential buyers, and allows your content to have a further reach. It helps to build a trustworthy online presence that will pay off when you try to convert a lead to a paying customer.

  • Email marketing -- Email is a great way to nurture casual leads into qualified ones through segmentation, automation, and high-quality content.

  • Reporting -- Regular reviews of your inbound strategy’s performance to determine what worked, what didn’t, and where to make adjustments. 

Signing on the Dotted Line With an Inbound Marketing Agency 

When you’ve found the right agency, congratulations! You’ve found a new partner! 

Now it’s time to get to work with them to reach new prospects, nurture new leads, and satisfy new customers. 

What’s the most important thing to remember when working with an inbound agency? Inbound marketing takes time up front, especially if you’re starting with very little website traffic and existing web leads. It’s a marathon, not a sprint -- but one that can pay big dividends.  

Still curious about working with an inbound marketing agency?

Take a deep dive into what an inbound marketing strategy can do for your healthcare technology company:

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