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How Much of My Time Will an Inbound Marketing Agency Need?

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As an inbound marketing agency, this is a question we receive often. It comes up almost every time we’re hired, and we get it. You need to know how much time to give up each week so we can do our job for you.

Inbound marketing is more than an advertising campaign. It’s a partnership between us. Our time, expertise, and efforts are committed to meeting your goals. If you fail, we fail. If you succeed, we succeed.

Initial Time Investment for Your Inbound Marketing Agency

Our initial conversations are crucial for us to learn about your business. You have more knowledge about it than we could ever learn through our own research.  In the beginning, we conduct workshops to understand your buyer.

  • Quick strategy overview - 1 hour
  • Buyer persona workshop - 2 hours per persona
  • Buyer persona interviews - 15-20 minutes per interviewee
  • Buyer’s journey workshop - 2 hours per persona
  • Content mapping session - 1 hour per persona
  • Gameplan review - 45 minutes

These workshops  help us create relevant content to reach your buyers. They’re the foundation of your inbound marketing strategy, and ultimately success.

After our initial workshops, we’ll  require some basic things from you on a regular basis.

  • Regular communication to discuss direction and progress
  • Approval of blog posts, premium offers, social posts, and other content
  • Inform us of future events, conferences, or trade shows

These items are crucial for us to get results for you.

How Much Time Is Required on an Ongoing Basis?

On average, our clients spend 1-2 hours per week working with us. This varies by how involved they want to be in the process and how frequently they want to check in.

  • 15-30 minutes on strategy and progress reports
  • 30-60 minutes reviewing content
  • 15-30 minutes on other items that may come up

What to Expect: Inbound Marketing - Download PDF Here