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What Is HubSpot Operations Hub? 2023 Features, Pricing, & Tiers


For the past 17 years, HubSpot software has lived to make marketing and selling easier, more efficient, and more transparent.

It’s no surprise that its latest platform, Operations Hub, was built to make data analysis and usage easier, more efficient, and more transparent. With data and workflow in full sync and in one place, growing business can remain efficient and focused.

Unsure whether your team really needs another software platform? Here’s what you can expect from Operations Hub in 2023 in terms of features, pricing, and service tiers. 

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What Is HubSpot Operations Hub?

Launched in 2021, this revenue operations software expands the capabilities of HubSpot’s core CRM (customer relationship management) platform. In the name of business efficiency, the platform focuses on streamlining processes through data.  

To that end, HubSpot Operations Hub’s main use cases are:

  • Broadening data integration
  • Automating data quality improvements
  • Automating business process
  • Improving data collection, analysis, & sharing

The Best HubSpot Operations Hub Features

Let’s dive deeper into how the product may impact your business. Operations Hub’s four top tools are:

  1. Data Sync
  2. Data Quality Automation
  3. Programmable Automation
  4. Datasets


1. Data Sync

  • Use it if: Your company keeps sales, marketing, and operations data in multiple locations
  • It’s great for: Moving customer data to the HubSpot CRM

Data Sync connects many key business apps to HubSpot. What makes this feature unique is that the integrations are two-way. 

The 90+ customizable integrations (i.e. Mailchimp, Google Contacts) allow all of your data to exist in HubSpot records. This feature eliminates hours of work exporting and importing spreadsheets. Most of all, it guarantees consistent and up-to-date records.

2. Data Quality Automation 

(Note: For Professional- and Enterprise-level users only)

  • Use it if: Maintaining accurate data is a growing pain of your fledgling business
  • Great for: Identifying and merging duplicate records; adding missing data to other records

Watching film on the wrong opponent isn’t likely to breed success on game day. Likewise, taking action based on misleading or poor data slows business progress. 

With HubSpot’s Data Quality Automation, cleaning data happens on its own. 

Automation setups can fill in the blanks of your customer records, i.e.:

  • Updating contact info
  • Fixing date properties
  • Capitalizing letters

With a self-cleaning CRM, your team can focus on business growth instead of diagnosing and “fixing” the wrong problems.

3. Programmable Automation 

(Note: For Professional- and Enterprise-level users only)

  • Use it if: Touchpoints are multiplying as you scale, and operations aren’t running as smoothly as before
  • It’s great for: Real-time deal updates

Programmable Automation offers the ability to execute JavaScript code directly inside HubSpot workflows. This feature is for companies that want to automate as much as possible, but have unique or advanced use cases.

There are many ways to improve workflow with Programmable Automation, including:

  • Adding third-party data to existing HubSpot records
  • Dispersing leads based on complex logic or external apps
  • Automating renewal management

4. Datasets

(Note: For Enterprise-level users only)

  • Use it if: You need a jumping-off point for reporting to stakeholders
  • Great for: Collecting, analyzing, and sharing data in one place

Sometimes we pine for the simpler days of managing an organization. As more teams, objectives, and customers enter the mix, it gets harder to make sense of it all … and then translate that to stakeholders.

The HubSpot Ops Hub lets you curate data into clean, repeatable sets for later use in reports. On the creator’s end, it saves time and provides more control over data management. Downstream, it makes actionable insights come easier and faster, allowing the team to pivot with grace.

One notable aspect of this feature is integration with Snowflake for quick and secure data sharing. Some advanced HubSpot users prefer to merge their names and numbers in a data warehouse like Snowflake – Operations Hub makes it happen.

HubSpot Feature Updates for 2023

One of the best parts about HubSpot CRM software is that it receives consistent updates based on user feedback and feature requests.

Here are some of the little changes installed for Operations Hub thus far in 2023:





Where Available?

Hide Properties

Data Quality Command Center

Remove irrelevant data so you can focus on high-priority insights

Professional & up

Operations Hub

“Clean Up” Recommendations


Simplify branches and optimize overall performance

Professional & up

Operations, Sales, Marketing, & Service Hubs

Drag-and-drop Collaboration Sidebar


Smaller, movable, more convenient version of commenting sidebar

Professional & up

All HubSpot Hubs

Deal & Ticket Properties

Data Quality Command Center

Track deals & tickets over time as “objects” in the Property Insights feature

Professional & up

Operations Hub

At-Risk & Unused Workflow Trends

Data Quality Command Center

Proactive monitoring of workflows over time, with a direct link to take action

Professional & up

Operations Hub

HubSpot Operations Hub Pricing Tiers

HubSpot Operations is available in four tiers of service: Free, Starter, Professional, and Enterprise. 

Higher tiers come with more features and bigger monthly fees. Your subscription length and payment commitments also depend on your tier.

HubSpot Tier

Base Price (Monthly)



Active List Limit

Operations Hub Free





Operations Hub Starter


Monthly or annual commitment

Monthly or annual (discounted) payment


Operations Hub Professional


Annual commitment

Monthly or annual (discounted) payment


Operations Hub Enterprise


Annual commitment

Up-front annual payment



Going up or down a tier changes not only what you get, but also how much of it you get.

Operations Hub Free lays the groundwork for better management of data syncing and management. The all-important third-party integrating and two-way data syncing features are fully present. Basic properties are also available for companies and deals.

At the Starter tier, you're able to track email response and general health. The custom property limit jumps from 10 to 1,000, and custom field mappings are available. Finally, this tier unlocks HubSpot Payments.

Professional-tier users can schedule workflow triggers and view data trends, health, and AI recommendations. Users can add advanced automation practically everywhere: to workflows (via coding) and to data cleaning (via HubSpot recommendations). And then there's the massive jump in active contact lists allowed.

Enterprise users gain the powers of custom datasets and objects, as well as a UX testing sandbox. You can integrate Snowflake to improve data sharing, and advanced calculation and prep tools are available to make that data sing.

HubSpot-Features-Hubs-Cost-Tiers_Software-Ecosystem-GraphicHubspot Operations Integration With Other Hubs

All five of HubSpot's Hubs are part of the same symbiotic HubSpot CRM ecosystem. Yes – that means data syncs across all tools the company offers.

The product catalog includes:

When you use two or more Hubs together, HubSpot automatically connects your data. Your operations department team can see the whole story of each customer's interactions with the sales, customer service, and marketing departments. This makes it easier to use data in a more effective, customer-focused way.

Do You Need HubSpot Operations Hub?

In the right business model and budget, HubSpot’s Ops Hub may be the best revenue operations software on the market.

At first glance, it may be tough to see what makes this newest Hub unique from its siblings. The key takeaways are:

  • Data & app syncing
  • Data cleaning
  • Process automation

Choose Operations Hub if your company’s growth is at odds with your organizational practices, and it’s causing lost deals or cancellations. Even if you don't work in an operations department, HubSpot’s platform can help you free up time lost to disorganized or misleading data.

To learn what to expect with HubSpot Operations Hub, from onboarding to ongoing maintenance, get a free demo:

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