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Resolving HubSpot Issues | A User's Guide for Where to Turn

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Even on a quiet day at your company, HubSpot can do a lot to keep your business moving toward its goals.

Whether your sales team is managing how they turn prospects into repeat customers or your marketing team is churning out lead-generating content, HubSpot helps put your digital marketing – as well as your sales & service – efforts into maximum overdrive.

But HubSpot is like any other program or tool – occasionally, it will have issues. And its users are human – no one is expected to have complete command over HubSpot's functionality or know the site map by heart. In other words, be it a program glitch, user error, or unfamiliarity, issues with HubSpot come up from time to time.

So what do you do?

Fortunately, you're not left to your own devices to find a solution. There are plenty of options available to you to get your HubSpot status back to “copacetic.”

Navigating HubSpot Issues: Where To Turn

Before we dig into available resources, let’s take a quick detour into how much HubSpot help is available to you.

Like other subscription-based services, HubSpot has several product plans to choose from, each with its own benefits. Think of it like when you signed up for Netflix – you had your choice of different memberships that gave you different levels of accessibility in the platform based on what you were looking for. With HubSpot, your membership type determines not only the level of accessibility you have to the platform’s tools, but also the level of one-on-one support you can receive from the company. 

Those with a free account get a minimal amount of HubSpot-provided support, which is limited to interacting with the HubSpot Community. An Enterprise account provides the Cadillac level of assistance from HubSpot. 

Per HubSpot’s Help Center, here's a breakdown of account types vs. support offerings:



That said ... after a Google search for answers (a good first step in solving any problem), there are essentially two avenues to go down when taking on a Hubspot issue:

  • Guided DIY approaches
  • Calling in an expert

Guided DIY Approaches

Depending on the nature of the problem you've encountered, sometimes working through a HubSpot problem is something you or a member of your team can handle with a little bit of guidance. In those cases, HubSpot, has plenty of resources at the ready:

  1. HubSpot Community
  2. Knowledge Base
  3. Developer Doc
  4. Customer blog
  5. HubSpot Academy


1. HubSpot Community

The HubSpot Community is a platform that allows users to communicate and collaborate with each other on HubSpot problems or questions. The community provides access to a variety of resources, including:

  • Forums
  • Reviews
  • Tutorials
  • Support articles

The Community provides an open environment where users can discuss HubSpot and find answers quickly.

2. Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base is a comprehensive library of tutorials, reference articles, and other resources dedicated to helping users better understand and use HubSpot. It contains information on all aspects of the HubSpot experience, from setting up accounts to using advanced features, such as those for automation and reporting. Unlike the Community, the Knowledge Base comprises materials generated by HubSpot's in-house experts.

3. Developer Doc

This one is a bit more technical and is geared at those looking to build custom solutions within the platform.

HubSpot's Developer Doc provides developers with access to core documentation, API references, and integration tutorials. It offers detailed information on how to use the HubSpot platform in order to build things such as:

  • Custom applications
  • Integrated systems
  • Workflows

Developer Doc also provides information on other topics, such as setting up accounts and authentication, creating webhooks and custom objects, and much more.

4. Customer Blog

The HubSpot Customer Blog is a space for customers to stay informed on the latest product updates, best practices, and tips & tricks. It features predominantly article-based content from HubSpot's in-house experts as well as customer success stories. Topics range from lead generation strategies to email automation tactics to marketing insights.

HubSpot Blog isn't limited to just articles – the blog also features other HubSpot resources, including:

  • Podcasts
  • Videos
  • eBooks & guides

5. HubSpot Academy

To an extent, this one is more for preventing a problem before it happens.

HubSpot Academy is an online learning space that provides users with training videos on a wide variety of topics related to inbound marketing and customer growth. Many of the videos include exercises in using the software's tools. For instance, one training video takes you through setting up a campaign. 

While the training is very high-level, it does provide an education of sorts in how to use key elements of the platform. The videos are a good place to turn to for a quick refresher when needed. 


Calling in the Experts

Sometimes, resolving an issue goes beyond a DIY'er's abilities. In those cases, there are several types of experts and consultants to call in for guidance:

  1. Customer success managers
  2. Solutions Partners
  3. Freelancers

1. Customer Success Managers/Customer Success Team

Company employees, customer success managers are experienced professionals who provide personalized guidance to customers in order to ensure they maximize the value of their HubSpot subscription. Those with paid memberships are assigned a manager. 

While their primary role is to help you keep customer churn at a minimum and learn best practices, they can give some help in resolving issues. In the event they can't handle it themselves, they can point you in the right direction toward someone internally who does. They’re your direct line to contacting Hubspot support. 

Another way to look at it: With an assigned manager, you’ll never need to search “how to contact Hubspot support.”

2. Solutions Partners

HubSpot Solutions Partners are experienced companies that provide specialized services to help customers get the most out of their HubSpot experience. They are certified consultants who are dedicated to helping customers adopt, implement, and maximize their use of HubSpot products. Solutions partners can assist with a range of services, including:

  • Navigating the platform
  • Using its tools
  • Setting integrations
  • & more 

They also have an in-depth understanding of the platform and can provide personalized solutions – such as custom workflows or software integrations. Working with a Solutions Partner can be especially beneficial if you're just getting started with HubSpot or transitioning from another system.

(BTW – we know our way around HubSpot. We’ve been a Solutions Partner since 2015!)

3. Freelancers 

Similar to HubSpot Partners, freelance specialists are experienced professionals who can provide personalized guidance and help with the implementation of HubSpot products. However, they tend to be more specialized than Partners, focused on specific areas like lead generation or content creation, and their work does come at a premium.

When navigating HubSpot issues, a freelance specialist is usually best suited for small-scale projects such as user setup and data migration. They may also be able to assist in developing custom tools that automate processes or integrate with existing systems.

Aside from their areas of expertise and cost, a freelancer has one main distinguishing factor – they're not HubSpot employees. To be sure, this is not a deterrent from pursuing this option for help. Rather, it's something to be aware of, as their lack of an official affiliation with HubSpot means they likely do not have the same resources available as a Solutions Partner or Customer Success Manager.

Making Your HubSpot Experience Seamless

As one of the preeminent CRM's, HubSpot is a big place with a lot of powerful tools to help your company engage with and manage prospects through each stage of their buyer's journey. Still, HubSpot's size and complexity can be overwhelming and leave room for issues of all types to come up.

But with the wealth of resources HubSpot provides, as well as those from outside the platform, you don't have to suffer in silence. There are plenty of avenues to pursue in resolving problems with HubSpot issues to keep your user experience on track for success.

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