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Social Media Strategy for SaaS: Healthcare Tech #Hashtags That Work

social media strategy for saas - healthcare tech hashtags that work

Whether you find hashtags to be annoying or not, they’re an integral part of digital and social media marketing. With roughly 80% of the U.S population using social media, using hashtags in posts can get you and your business the attention it needs. 

By including hashtags in social media posts, users are able to search specific, topical terms and find your post if the hashtag correlates to their search term. Yes, this applies to B2B social media marketing too -- especially on LinkedIn.

Hashtags allow you to stand out amongst competitors, as well as filter through the thousands of posts we see each day from friends, family, colleagues, and random social media accounts. To develop a rock-solid SaaS social media marketing strategy, learn why healthcare hashtags are so important -- and see our real-life examples!

A Quick Breakdown of How Hashtags Work

Though hashtags are practically part of every post on social media, perhaps by this point you’ve forgotten why they exist in the first place. A hashtag is a word or series of words preceded by a pound sign (#), more formally known as an “octothorpe.” 

Its purpose? To identify posts about a certain topic.

Visitors following a certain hashtag can see your #posts -- even if they don’t “follow” you.

Hashtags make it easier for social media sites to categorize your posts and makes them more visible in on-site searches. So if you add #construction on an Instagram post, your post will appear to fellow Instagram users following construction-related posts.

To summarize: It’s a free and fairly easy way to engage your audience.

5 Reasons Why Healthcare Tech Hashtags Matter

  1. They help target a specific audience.
  2. They help keep an eye on competition. 
  3. They help you stay up to date with industry trends.
  4. They help you promote your business and its products and services.
  5. They help you provide sufficient customer service.

1. They help target a specific audience.

Including hashtags in social media posts helps set your business apart from the rest, especially if you develop strong brand-specific hashtags. With so many people and businesses using social media platforms, the amount of information and content circulating is endless. 

By using industry specific hashtags, you can target your ideal customers. When brainstorming hashtags, rely on terms that your audience may search for on social media or even Google. If you’re a runner, you might be searching hashtags such as #bestrunningshoes #runningeventsnearme #virtualmarathon #affordablerunningclothes.

2. They help keep an eye on competition.

Keeping an eye on your competitors is one of the best ways to make sure your content is on the mark. If your competition is writing content about a topic you’re not -- and that content is earning lots of likes and shares -- that’s your cue to do the same.

Want to know what people are saying about your competitors on social media? Type in key phrases related to their company to see what people are saying. This research can help you see what complaints your competitors are receiving, how they’re responding to these complaints, and how you can offer better customer service.

3. They help you stay up to date with industry trends.

Hashtags can be one of the most effective ways of staying up to date with industry trends. Trending hashtags regarding your industry can drop new blog post or video topics right in your lap. By researching hashtags surrounding your industry, you can be updated on what the industry is doing, what your competitors are doing, and how you can add to the conversation in a meaningful way.

4. They help you promote your brand, products, and services.

Creating content and social media posts that address customer pain points around your products and services -- or competing solutions -- can be a great promotional tool. 

Specifically for the SaaS industry, getting a company to switch software solutions can be a challenge. Marketing with hashtags specific to your industry will target potential customers by playing “the long game” -- with helpful content and resources.

5. They help you provide great customer service.

The nature of the SaaS industry comes with complications and obstacles that many other industries don’t face. 

As a technology industry, quick, accurate, helpful, and reliable customer service is imperative. If customers can’t find the answers to their problems almost immediately, they become frustrated, which in turn leads to them being frustrated with your business and product. 

Hashtags allow your customer service team to filter through posts to find complaints or troubleshooting questions. 

For example, let’s say your program is consistently crashing on a customer. They may tweet “Hey #ABCcompany ... your software keeps crashing on me. Please help!” Your customer service team could search the hashtag “#ABCcompany”, immediately find the post, and respond to it accordingly.

Where Can You Use Healthcare Technology Hashtags?

Healthcare tech hashtags can be use across a wide variety of platforms, such as:

  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn 
  • Pinterest

If you’re in B2B healthcare or SaaS marketing, LinkedIn is usually your best bet to reach fellow professionals.

Examples of Healthcare Tech Hashtags That Work

Coffey Communications provides a great list of useful healthcare technology hashtags. Here are some of our favorites:

#HCMKTG (healthcare marketing)




#HCSM (healthcare social media)




#HealthiT (healthcare information technology)




#MedEd (medical education)









Using Healthcare Tech Hashtags in Your SaaS Content Marketing Strategy

Regardless of how much or how little you know about hashtags, you can always learn from what others are doing. Research your competitors and see what they’re doing and how it’s working for them. 

Adapt your SaaS marketing strategy to meet your prospects at their “watering holes” -- your audience may not frequent the same social sites as another company’s audience. Get familiar with hashtags and put them to use -- they’ll only #help you in the end.

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