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    The Importance of User Intent for Search Engine Optimization

    As a business or organization you understand the importance of generating traffic from search engines (hopefully). To get that traffic you obviously have to show up in search engines when your potential website visitors are searching using related search terms...that's a given. Because most people understand this concept, they have an idea of what keywords they want to rank for. The problem is that people are often wrong, or maybe just headed in a slightly wrong direction. Their keyword lists are often geared around their specific products or services.

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    10 Questions to Ask Your AdWords Agency

    Because we have been doing training seminars on AdWords recently, we get to talk to many businesses about their experiences. We completely understand that most business people won't have an in depth knowledge of AdWords and we wouldn't expect them to. What I have found in talking to them is the lack of knowledge of what type of service, value, etc. they are getting from their current AdWords agencies. In fact, some of these businesses are getting straight up taken advantage of.

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    The Subtle Art of Not Being Annoying | Inbound Marketing

    There are few things more difficult than not being a pain in the ass.

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    18 Uplifting PPC Statistics & Success Stories for Small Businesses

    Was your business born and raised on the East Coast? Or, did you transplant herewhen you realized how much nicer it is? (Just kidding. But not really.)

    Whether you're a northeastern native or you just want some darn PPC statistics, we've got some uplifting stories and data just for you. These stats and successes show how beneficial a smart PPC strategy can be for any small business. If you've never worked with PPC or Google AdWords before, you may benefit from hiring a pay per click advertising agency for best results.

    Let's start with some success stories, and then we'll share some awesome PPC statistics.

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    How Do Buyer Expectations Affect Online Marketing? [Infographic]

    As technology progresses at a breakneck pace, we see buyer behavior evolving at the same rate. New buyer behavior requires new marketing techniques to optimize ROI and stay ahead of (or at least keep up with) the competition.

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    Why You Need High Quality Traffic (& How to Get More of It)

    Here is a statement we hear quite often: "We need more traffic to our website."

    Sound familiar? You've probably said that yourself at some point. The truth is, you don't necessarily need more traffic. What you really need is high quality traffic, and that's where you should place your goal posts. 

    Your business is too important to settle for less.

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    4 Modern Marketing Hacks to Increase Your Visibility

    Visibility is an earned resource. 

    You can earn visibility by writing valuable & high-quality content, actively sharing your content on social media and other outlets, and engaging with your followers and influencers. Feel like you're already doing all that and getting nowhere? Try these modern marketing tricks (read: best practices) to increase your visibility online.

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    How Can Manufacturers Get Found Online?

    I know someone who works as a substitute teacher. In talking the other day, he mentioned that the students were asking if they could use Chromebooks because they couldn't figure out how to use a regular laptop.

    This completely blew my mind. I went through school using those chunky laptops that were as thick as a textbook and weighed as much as a five-year-old.

    First I realized: I am officially an old person, this is what it's like to be out of touch.

    Next I realized: the clients we work with didn't even have computers at school when they were growing up.

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    The Difference Between Cheap and Affordable SEO [Infographic]

    "Cheap" and "affordable" aren't so different from each other. They both suggest saving money, so why are we making a big deal about the difference?

    To start, we'd like to double down on the "shady, half-arsed" connotation of the word "cheap." "Cheap" should bring to mind the image of a used car salesman with a combover and greasy mustache. That's the equivalent of what you'll get when you search for cheap SEO.

    "Affordable," on the other hand, implies low cost, but you retain a measure of quality. SEO can be affordable - high quality, no penalties, and the ROI will return what you initially invest (plus a lot more).

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    Manufacturers! Make Inbound Marketing Your 2016 Business Resolution

    We all make personal resolutions at the start of the year: lose some weight, go back to school, make more time for family, stop eating all the cookie dough before it goes in the oven... 

    (I can tell you right now that last one's not gonna stick.)

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