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    6 Lead Nurturing Email Templates for Healthcare Tech Marketers

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    A prospect’s email address is a precious commodity.

    Most people don’t freely give out their email address unless they’re getting something valuable in return. No one wants to inadvertently sign up for Spam. 

    With a prospect’s email address, it’s all systems go to start engaging them to become a qualified lead. 

    The Value of Lead Nurturing Through Email Engagement

    Lead nurturing emails are a great way to connect on a 1-on-1 level with a prospect. Buyers are still amenable to emails -- 60% say marketing emails guided them to make a purchase.

    Done tactfully, email lead nurturing can guide a prospect along their buyer’s journey from being passively interested to a committed customer. 

    The Do’s and Don'ts of Email Lead Nurturing in Healthcare Tech 

    Nurturing leads through emails requires a certain amount of finesse to keep a prospect engaged and elicit a response. There’s a fine line to walk between keeping exchanges valuable and relevant to downright annoying. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

    The Do’s

    • Be helpful
    • Be concise and direct
    • Be friendly
    • Invite further conversation
    • Be a resource
    • Use personalization

    The Don'ts:

    • Be pushy or sales-y 
    • Inundate inboxes 
    • Provide unhelpful information 
    • Send emails from a generic address, e.g. info@yourcompany.com

    Pro Tip: Be aware, prospects are generally more receptive to lead nurturing emails when they’ve opted in to receive them. If you’re sending emails to contacts on an email list you purchased, don’t expect the same level of engagement. 

    Resource: Dig into how an inbound marketing strategy can super charge your lead generation. 

    6 Lead Nurturing Email Templates for Healthcare Tech Marketers

    Just like your prospects, your time is precious. Feel free to borrow these email templates and adjust them to suit your needs. 

    1. The Introductory Email

    For this email, brevity is key. You’ll want to come across as helpful and not pushy. You’re simply extending a digital handshake and offering a resource or two. 

    Hello [contact name] 

    I noticed you [acknowledge the action they took]. Here are a few additional resources that I thought you might also find useful

    • Resource 1
    • Resource 2

    Please let me know if I can help you get started. 


    [Your name & contact info]

    2. The Conversation Request Email

    Through this email, you’re hoping to connect with the prospect for a conversation to start building rapport and a deeper understanding of their company. 

    Hello [contact name] 

    I hope you’re doing well and the resources I sent you were helpful. 

    [Reminder of what your company does and how it might be of service. Is there an offer or promotion you can make?]

    Any chance we could set up a time to talk for 15 minutes or so within the next week about any questions you might have?

    [Your name]

    3. The Resource Email 

    This email comes after an initial conversation with a prospect. You have a base understanding of what some of their needs are. The resources you send them should be relevant to your discussion and their pain points. 

    Hello [contact name]

    It was great talking with you on [date or day of conversation]. I really enjoyed our conversation about [acknowledge what you discussed]

    I wanted to pass along a few of our resources that I thought you might find helpful and could answer any additional questions that may have come up. 

    • Resource 1
    • Resource 2
    • Resource 3 

    I’d love to talk more with you about [problem to be solved]. Is there a time we could chat for about 15 minutes within the next week? 

     [Your name]

    4. The Offering a Product/Service Email

    When you have a firm grasp of a prospect’s pain points and needs, introduce exactly how your company can solve their problem(s). 

    Hello [contact name]

    I can tell that solving [acknowledge pain point(s)] you mentioned are very important to you. I wanted to talk more with you about how [your company’s name] can help you with this. We’ve helped companies similar to yours with the same issues. 

    [Mention a product/service your company has that can address the pain points(s) you discussed. Is there a free trial you can offer? Can you set up a product demo?]

    Do you have any time within the next week for a call?

    [Your name] 

    5. The Follow-up Email

    Use this email as an opportunity to start gently guiding a prospect toward taking the next steps with your company. As always, be a resource and not a pushy salesperson. 

    Hello [contact name] 

    I just wanted to check in again and see how things are coming along. Did you have any additional questions about our product/service? 

    If they used a free trial or product demo: Did you have any questions about our product/service that I can help you with?

    I’d love to set up a time to speak with you about next steps. Do you have any available time coming up for a call?

    [Your name] 

    6. The Breakup Email

    This email is one that marketers hate to write. For whatever reason, communication has broken down and the prospect is not engaging. Like the introductory email, keep it short, but leave the door open for future interactions.

    Hello [Contact Name]

    I haven’t heard back from you since [state last interaction]. I understand if your priorities may have changed or you found resources elsewhere. 

    Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if I can be of any assistance in the future

    [Your name]

    Staying on the Radar

    Email is one of the most valuable tools healthcare tech marketers can use to build a relationship with a prospect. Keeping a conversation going with a prospect at the right cadence keeps your company and its services on their radar. 

    Want to target specific prospects? Get started with our Ultimate Buyer Persona Guide for Healthcare Tech Marketers:

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