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[TEMPLATES] 12 Account-Based Marketing Email Examples for B2Bs


Those pondering how to improve their leaky sales pipeline usually audit one of the following:

  • The fit of the leads reaching the pipeline
  • The process that turns those leads to sales (or causes them to circle the drain) 

An account-based marketing strategy -- and the templates below -- can address both.

Account-based marketing (ABM), also called key account marketing, is a close cousin of inbound in which you target a handful of "dream accounts" with a highly focused campaign. 

The most handy tool of ABM is the email sequence (also called an email workflow). These drip-fed communications nurture your leads with information that proves you’re the leading solution they’ve been waiting for. And you can automate them!

However, this tactic only works if you stick to a personalized, customer-centric style of email writing. Use the three B2B account-based marketing email sequence examples below to turn best-fit leads into customers.

Short on time? Want to work on this offline? Download the templates for free:

Account-Based Marketing Email Examples: 3 Types of Sequences

You’ll always get better results if you adjust your email sequence strategy based on your goals and your current relationship with the leads. For that reason, we’ve provided three different situational templates you can mimic:

  1. For cold outreach
  2. For event-based enrollment
  3. For nurturing warm leads

b2b account-based marketing email templates & examples - santa touching virtual screenABM Email Sequence Template #1: Cold Outreach

Using a B2B ABM strategy as the backbone of your cold outreach efforts can improve lead generation without overspending time on low-ROI customer interactions.

Today’s example: A high-end microscope manufacturer

When to use: Use this template if you’re introducing a new or existing product/service to unfamiliar prospects or an entirely new market 

Your goal: Provide resources that are helpful and hyper-specific to engineers’ and buyers’ needs in your new desired market. Since they’re cold leads and you found their contact info elsewhere (hopefully not by buying email lists), it’s even more important than usual to not come across as spammy. Make these emails as personalized as possible -- like one actual human talking to another -- and focus on what they really care about.

Touchpoint #1 -- Intro

Subject line: [Prospect’s company]’s process for addressing [prospect’s pain point]

Hi [prospect’s first name],

I was recently talking with other companies in [prospect’s industry], and it seems they have a need for measuring & analysis equipment better suited to their field.

I’m [your first name] at [your company]. Based on your goal of [something specific from prospect’s website or recipient’s personal LinkedIn page], you may benefit from speaking with a microscope expert. At [your company], we have an entire team of customer-service experts -- many with experience in the [prospect’s industry] industry -- whose sole job is to help customers find a perfect-fit microscope for their application.

You seem like a good fit for our “matchmaking” process -- would we be able to chat further?


[Your signature]

Bonus Touchpoint #1B -- LinkedIn Connect Request (~2 days later)

(Note: This step happens on LinkedIn -- technically not an email, but we do suggest trying to connect with the prospect on social media!)

Hi [prospect’s first name],

I sent you an email a few days ago, but thought it made sense to connect on LinkedIn as well. We seem to have mutual interest in high-tech [prospect’s industry] tools.

Looking forward to connecting and hearing your take. What challenges is [prospect’s company] facing with measurement and quality standards these days?

Talk soon,

[Your signature]

Touchpoint #2 -- Share Informational Graphic (3 days later)

Subject line: Question about [prospect’s company]’s microscope tech

Hi [prospect’s first name],

I noted the other day [prospect’s company] might value some expert guidance on the latest microscope models for [prospect’s industry].

This graphic outlines some of the unique solutions out there for [pain point]:

[Eye-catching graphic that explains your 2-3 most-relevant products]

Hopefully this makes your next buying experience a little less stressful. If you’re looking to improve [pain point] right now, you can browse our selection here [simple button/link to your Products page]:

Hope this helps,

[Your signature]

Touchpoint #3 -- Qualifying (1 week later)

Subject line: Question: What do you look for in a microscope?

Hi [prospect’s first name],

Want to see how you can instantly [top benefit of your product]?

I know you’re busy working to address [product/service benefit], so I wanted to share our [prospect’s industry]-specific options again. Some questions that can better help me direct you to a solution for [pain point]:

  • What’s the primary goal of microscope use for [prospect’s company]?
  • What’s the most important feature on a microscope for [prospect’s company]?

[simple button/link to your Products page]

Talk soon,

[Your signature]

Touchpoint #4 -- Soft Breakup With Resources (10 days later)

Subject line: Question about [prospect’s company]’s microscope tech

Hi [prospect’s first name],

You seem busy. I just wanted to drop these resources off for your review, and I’ll get out of your hair for a little while.

  • [Helpful resource A]
  • [Helpful resource B]

If you have any thoughts or questions while reviewing these resources, please ping me!

Best of luck,

[Your signature]

Bonus Touchpoint #4B -- Phone Call (4 days later)

There’s no true template for phone conversations, but here are ideas for using this tactic as a last-ditch effort.

  • Save it for “big fish” on your list who feel worth following up with
  • Reference the resources you’ve sent to show you’re genuinely being helpful
  • Listen actively -- this conversation is about them, not about waiting for your chance to pitch your product.

Account-based-marketing-email-examples_Crowd watching conference seminar

ABM Email Sequence Template #2: Event-Based

Many B2B inbound sales opportunities miss because the seller either under-nurtures its leads or follows up to the point of overkill. A measured, customer-centered series of touchpoints will give you the perfect balance when opportunity strikes.

Today’s example: A motion control solutions manufacturer

When to use: This template assumes something’s just happened that would trigger the reader’s interest in hearing from you. It could be meeting each other at a trade show (our example today). It could also be a piece of news, like prospect-relevant supply chain shortages or a new certification your company earned that could help you serve the prospect’s industry.

Your goal: To be a timely source of help, keeping your solution top-of-mind for the prospect.

(We'll have more trade show email template resources at the bottom of this blog post, too.)

Email #1 -- Reinforce Connection

Subject line: Good to meet you

Hey [prospect’s first name],

It was great seeing you at [trade show name] last week! It’s always nice to meet other people interested in [some piece of common ground].

As we discussed, we may be able to help [prospect’s company] with [pain point]. We have a lot of different solutions for that, including

  • Mechanical counterbalancing that avoids issues with [pain point of current solution]
  • Custom applications

I look forward to continuing our conversation. Do you have time next week to connect?


[Your signature]

Email #2 -- Share Resources (8 business days later)

Subject line: (Will match the first email since threading is used in this example)

Hey [prospect’s first name], 

I was looking over your website today, and based on our conversation at [trade show name], I thought these articles might be super helpful for you to check out: 

  • [Helpful resource A]
  • [Helpful resource B]

Anything you find useful?


[Your signature]

Email #3 -- Get Specific (5 business days later)

Subject line: (Will match the first email since threading is used)

Hey [prospect’s first name], 

Just wanted to follow up in case my last message got buried. 

I’m really looking forward to continuing our discussion about [pain point]. What do you think about hopping on a call at 11 a.m. this Thursday? If that doesn’t work, how about 2 p.m. Monday?


[Your signature]

b2b account-based marketing email templates & examples - handshake against skyscrapersABM Email Sequence Template #3: For Warm Leads

Today’s example: An electronics manufacturer for OEMs

When to use: This string is for earned contacts in your database, especially those who converted on a “purchase intent”-stage form on your website (i.e. an engineering consultation). Based on their activity on your site, you know these visitors are interested in your solution. Use this sequence for leads that deserve more than your standard drip notifications. You can even customize this sequence to break into other locations or divisions within the same overarching company.

Your goal: To provide extra nurturing for best-fit prospects. Turn marketing-qualified leads into sales-qualified leads.

Email #1 -- Intro

Subject line: Anything I can help with?

Hi [prospect’s first name],

I wanted to reach out and see if you had any questions about [your company], our electronics manufacturing services [link to your Services page], or how we can help [prospect’s company] with [pain point].

We specialize in electronic component design, including full aftermarket support. If your current solution lacks [pain point] and [pain point], book some time that works for you on my calendar [link to “book a meeting” tool], and we can get the conversation started.

Talk soon,

[Your signature]

Email #2 -- Share Resources (7 days later)

Subject Line: (Will match the first email for threading purposes)

Hi again [prospect’s first name],

Maybe you don’t have any particular questions in mind about [pain point], but want to explore more. I’ve linked some resources below I think will help you and [prospect’s company]:

  • E-BOOK: [Helpful resource A]
  • BLOG: [Helpful resource B]
  • BLOG: [Helpful resource C]

If any questions pop up while you’re exploring, feel free to reach out by replying to this email. Or, book 15 minutes on my calendar [link to “book a meeting” tool].

Let me know,

[Your signature]

Email #3 -- Breakup (7 days later)

Subject Line: (Will match the first email for threading purposes)

Hi [prospect’s first name],

Maybe now isn’t the best time for [prospect’s company] to further explore how [your company, with link to industry-specific landing page] can help you improve [pain point]. If there’s ever a good time to address it, let me know.

I’m always happy to discuss how we can improve your bottom line.

Wishing you well,

[Your signature]

b2b account-based marketing email templates & examples - envelope graphicA Few General Tips for Sales Follow-Up Emails

The above ABM campaign examples of effective inbound marketing and sales emails are all about customizing the reader's experience. That said, every sales email sequence should follow some general rules:

  1. Use automated email follow-up. This one's for you! By using marketing automation tools, you can save your sales team time and reduce lead neglect. Automation isn’t an excuse to send robotic and bland communications, so use it well.

  2. Be brief. Sequence emails shouldn’t exceed five blocks of text each. Limit each paragraph to two sentences, max.

  3. Don’t overdesign. Use your inbox or a bare-bones template in your email marketing platform to launch sequences. You want the email to look like a conversation between colleagues, not a grocery store flyer.

  4. Add a touch of flavor. Did your lead wear a Boston Red Sox tie at the trade show? Is there another hobby of theirs you can glean from their social media accounts? Mention it early in your email. (Just don’t overdo it to the point of being creepy.)

  5. Humanize even the seemingly small details. Avoid using “Company X Sales Department” or “sales@companyx.com” as your sender name or address. It’ll scare away prospects from opening your email. Your signature should include a head-and-shoulders picture, name, and company contact info (phone and website).

  6. Include a meeting link. Make it easy for leads to strike up a conversation with you. There are plenty of “book a meeting” tools from which ABM marketers can choose.

More Account-Based Marketing Tactics & Templates

Now that you know how to create an email sequence steeped in education and restraint, you can convince dream accounts that you’re “the one.” Just act like a human, and treat the lead like a human, and you’ll be fine!

Want more specific B2B account-based marketing examples? See these additional templates:

For a dynamic one-two punch to break the barriers down between you and your prospects, use an ABM strategy template at your next trade show! To get you started today, here's a free guide to all trade show email types:

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(This article was originally published in December 2021 and was recently updated.)