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33 B2B Marketing Statistics Show Why Your Current Strategy Blows

(7 minute read)

Not everything that blows is bad. The wind blows on a hot day and cools the sweat on your forehead. We blow out birthday candles to celebrate another year of life. But your marketing strategy... If that blows, it means trouble for your business. 

The good news is an unsuccessful marketing strategy means you have a ton of opportunity for quick wins and major improvements. Among all the clients I work with, the ones who show the fastest and most impressive growth are those who were struggling the most when they partnered with us. (See: McHone Industries saw a 1500% increase in leads over 6 months).

Do you feel like you're not getting the results you want from your marketing? Here are a bunch of B2B marketing statistics that can point you in the right direction. (My personal favorite is #18!)

7 Hilariously Unforgettable Halloween Marketing Campaigns (+ BONUS TIPS)

(6 minute read)

Halloween is fun. It's scary. It's sweet. Halloween is all-around an incredible American experience. Like every other holiday, it's also a chance for brands to flex their creativity with Halloween marketing campaigns. This holiday is especially fun for me, because I enjoy seeing how companies push the boundaries of what makes good "marketing."

These companies serve us new unforgettable advertisements every single year. They're highly entertaining, but they're ALSO perfect learning experiences for your own marketing. With each example, I'll give a quick point on what I believe made them successful or unsuccessful, and what you can take away from the campaign. 

Without further ado, here are 7 Halloween marketing campaigns that I, at least, will never forget.

Manufacturer Marketing ROI: 11+ Statistics Your Boss Will Love

(3 minute read)

The manufacturing industry is slowly coming to terms with the influence of the Internet. However, online marketing is throwing many small manufacturers for a loop. Some companies are purposefully resisting this status quo upheaval. Others simply don't know where to start.

Is your company still lagging behind the trend? Do you desperately need help to succeed online? Here are some stats that might convince your boss to seriously consider revamping your marketing strategy.

What Is Content? Back to Basics with Inbound Marketing 101.

(7 minute read)

Around here, we talk a lot about inbound marketing and content marketing. We also mention that you need relevant, high-quality content for your marketing efforts to produce results. 

What Makes a Kick-Ass Keyword for B2B SEO?

(4 minute read)

Can your keywords fight crime? Can they pull off a handlebar moustache and leather motorcycle pants? Can they walk away from explosions without looking?

3 Ways Small Business SEO Services Help You Compete with Giants

(7 minute read)

You're kinda small, and your competition is very very large. What's a small business to do? Although it might seem like a losing battle, small business SEO services can provide some aces for your sleeves. 

How to Give Your Manufacturing Marketing a Much-Needed Facelift

(4 minute read)

Manufacturing marketing isn't pretty. Not because it's old-fashioned. No, old things can certainly be beautiful. The problem is it's butt ugly, with a personality to match.

12 Questions to Ask a Potential Inbound Marketing Services Provider

(7 minute read)

When searching for inbound marketing services, you should have one main question on your mind:

Inbound Marketing Pricing: How Much Does Inbound Cost? [Infographic]

(4 minute read)

Before getting into the meat of this post... if you're looking for a quick answer, you can check out our inbound pricing page

What makes up the cost of inbound marketing? What can you expect to pay, and how much should you budget for your marketing efforts?

What Is High Quality Traffic & How Do I Get More of It?

(4 minute read)

Basically do this, but with your website.

Not all traffic is created equal. While traffic quantity has its perks, traffic quality is what gets you customers.