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    Finding Your Inbound Marketing Agency in Healthcare Technology

    Whether your company is selling healthcare enterprise software to large hospital systems or independently-owned dental offices, healthcare technology marketing has unique challenges. 

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    Generating Leads When Healthcare Tech Trade Shows are Canceled

    Trade show cancellations caused by the COVID-19 pandemic have already put a big dent in this year’s lead generation and sales for many medical device and medical software companies. 

    Topics: trade show strategy B2B Leads Healthcare Technology Marketing

    The Buyer's Journey: Developing an Inbound Marketing Plan for Healthcare Tech

    The buyer's journey represents the process a prospect goes through to become a satisfied customer. An almost universal concept, anybody considering a new product or service has gone down this road.  

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    Engaging Leads Through Marketing Automation in Healthcare Technology

    Marketing automation has become a favorite tool among marketers. Almost 50% of all companies use marketing automation as part of their digital marketing strategy to nurture leads.

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    6 Lead Nurturing Email Templates for Healthcare Tech Marketers

    A prospect’s email address is a precious commodity.

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    Transitioning from Trade Shows to Digital Marketing

    Trade shows are the lifeblood of lead generation efforts for many manufacturers. 

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    5 Steps to Building Brand Voice in Healthcare Tech

    What your company says and how it says it are extremely important as you engage with prospects. If you’re not “speaking” to them in a way that’s actually representative of your company and who it is, you run the risk of confusing and disappointing them.

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    Developing Buyer Personas in Healthcare Tech Marketing

    How well do you know the prospect you’re hoping to make your next satisfied customer? 

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    10 Digital Marketing Metrics Healthcare Tech Marketers Should Watch & What They Mean

    Digital marketing can be a complicated animal.

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    Content That Matters in Healthcare Tech Marketing

    With the right content, your company can be part of a prospect’s buyer’s journey at any stage, providing them with the information they need when they need it. The right content keeps prospects engaged and coming back to learn more.

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