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Copywriting Tips at Inbound 2017: Taking on Science and 'Sweatshops'

copywriting tips inbound 2017.jpgI was a newspaper guy for over a decade. Just old enough to be stuck in the print age, yet young enough to grasp the power of an internet-based message. Maybe, as a business owner or marketing guru, you can relate.

While my skills with the written word have translated to inbound marketing writing pretty well so far, we’re always looking for the next advantage in providing helpful, optimized content -- traits that don’t always jive with print journalism.

That’s what makes my upcoming first experience at Inbound 2017 such a blessing -- for not only me and my teammates, but also p80’s current and future clients.

HubSpot’s annual marketing and sales conference is set for Sept. 25 to 28 in Boston, and I couldn’t be more ready. (Except that I’ve never even flown before. Anyone know how a plane works?)

I’m looking forward to hearing protocol 80’s own Josh Curcio co-lead a presentation on HubSpot Partner Day and share his sales wisdom.

I’m thrilled one of our most successful clients, Deb Calvert, President of People First Productivity Solutions, will deliver a talk about groundbreaking research into selling behaviors that B2B buyers are practically begging you to demonstrate. And I’m awestruck that Michelle Obama is the scheduled keynote speaker.

(Sound like fun? It’s not too late to register.)

We all can use a helping hand when it comes to breaking old habits.  I’m especially looking forward to these two breakout sessions full of copywriting tips.

Inbound 2017 Copywriting Tips: Talks to Watch For

copywriting tips carmen simon inbound 2017.jpg1.  “The Science of Storytelling: Beyond the Buzz”

By: Carmen Simon, Cognitive Neuroscientist and Founder of B2B consulting company Memzy.

Simon is a best-selling author who coaches companies to let memory research influence their decision making.

Storytelling through content marketing is all the rage these days, but not all stories are created equal. Simon will dive into the two questions we need to ask:

  1. What makes a story memorable?
  2. What is the best angle to use based on the content type?

Memzy’s website perfectly sums up why marketers AND business owners weighing the benefits of content marketing should catch Simon’s talk:

“Memory is the single most important ingredient to business success. … Carmen’s brain science coaching helps business professionals motivate listeners and stand out from too much sameness in the industry.”

Yes, please.

copywriting tips Maria Keckler inbound 2017.jpg2.  “Escaping the Sweatshop and Rediscovering Our Authentic Voice …”

By: Maria Keckler, founder of executive coaching company Superb Communication and professional development provider Business Breakthrough University.

The title is no joke for Keckler -- she’s a Mexican immigrant who was once a sweatshop worker in Los Angeles.

As a former newsroom reporter/editor/page designer/self-proclaimed slave, I know the robotic feeling of producing endless, samey content. Even inbound marketing can become a conveyor belt process if you don’t make a conscious effort to keep your blog copy fresh.

Keckler says it's time to go back to building the “epiphanies and authentic stories” that inspire us, and in turn inspire our potential customers to act. Her session will teach us how to cut through the marketing noise and connect with real people who want to do business with other real people.

Sounds like inbound marketing at its finest.

Inbound 2017: What’s Got You All Jazzed Up?

Inbound is still a fresh concept. Even those who’ve rocked it since it first became popular can still benefit from cutting-edge copywriting tips. Inbound marketing is only going to get better over time as we adapt to buyer behavior and B2B companies continue buying in -- with the help of great educational tools like Inbound 2017.

Curious who else is speaking at Inbound 2017? Check out the tentative schedule.