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Do Inbound Marketing Services Really Work?


You betcha! Inbound marketing services are the answer to changes in buyer behavior and the decline of traditional marketing tactics. What counts as "inbound marketing services"?

These are the marketing tactics you need if you want to grow your business. A good inbound marketing agency will provide all of these services to complement your business, increase your brand awareness, and produce tangible ROI. 

Here are 10 examples of businesses who found incredible success by adopting inbound marketing services.

 There are plenty more out there - there's no shortage of inbound marketing success!

1.  Innovative Management Solutions with IMPACT

Innovative Management Solutions is a B2B company that specializes in consulting, training, software, and other project management services. They wanted to reach new clients in a variety of different industries, and they hired IMPACT to help them out.

IMPACT worked with IMS to completely redesign their website, implement a blog, and optimize their email marketing efforts. They soon saw these results:

  • 100% increase in training requests and sales
  • 380% increase in qualified contacts
  • 1,066% more traffic from emails

2.  Conversant Bio with SmartBug Media

Conversant Bio is a company that specializes in tissue procurement for pharmaceutical research. They worked with SmartBug Media, a fellow inbound marketing agency, in an attempt to increase leads and ROI. And boy, did they see results. 

SmartBug helped them implement buyer personas, HubSpot COS, an active blog, and a full inbound marketing strategy. Conversant saw:

  • 250% more monthly leads
  • 700% more monthly qualified leads
  • 3,558% increase in ROI

3.  Axis|SybronEndo with KunoCreative

Axis|SybronEndo is a manufacturer of endodontic instruments and dental supplies. They wanted to bring attention to their newest product, an instrument that allows faster and more accurate root canal preparations.

Similar to Conversant Bio, Axis|SybronEndo recruited KunoCreative (another huge inbound marketing agency) to assist in developing a full inbound marketing strategy. They focused on content marketing, lead nurturing, and HubSpot marketing campaigns to drive traffic, leads, and sales. 

Here are the results after a single month:

  • 42% increase in website traffic
  • 508% increase in raw leads
  • 421 new demo requests
  • 55 new customers

4.  Skytap with OpenView Labs

Skytap is an SaaS company that offers on-demand cloud environments. In 2014, they wanted to do an overhaul of their sales model to service enterprise-level businesses in addition to SMBs. 

With the help of OpenView Labs, Skytap implemented buyer personas, which had these fantastic results for their business:

  • 124% increase in sales leads
  • 55% increase in organic search traffic
  • 97% increase in online leads
  • 210% increase in North American traffic

5.  River Pools & Spa/The Sales Lion

This is one of the most infamous stories among inbound marketers. Back in 2008, Marcus Sheridan (aka The Sales Lion) was just a regular guy with a swimming pool business. When the economy tanked, his customers began to dwindle. 

Drastic measures were taken: he set up a swimming pool blog on his website. Blogging quite literally saved his business! Within one year, Sheridan's website was ranking #1 globally for swimming pool queries. 

That's the power of a great blogging strategy. Now, The Sales Lion assists other businesses in their inbound marketing efforts - businesses such as the next example on our list.

6.  Yale Appliance with The Sales Lion

Yale Appliance is a familiar name to the people of Boston -- that's what happens when you've been in business since 1923. What's their secret to staying relevant for so long, especially in our rapidly changing technological world? 

Actually, Yale Appliance became intimately familiar with Marcus Sheridan's pool blogging success. Yale's president, Steve Sheinkopf, approached The Sales Lion marketing team to get some insight into modern marketing, and came away with an actionable inbound marketing plan. No paid advertising. 

Sheinkopf says, "What is my ROI? Just by looking at a customer's email addres and connecting it to a purchase, we can say that it's at least $10 million in sales per year."


7.  CoSchedule

CoSchedule is a company that offers marketing planning and automation software. They were already familiar with inbound marketing, but they wanted to take it to the next level. They decided to implement a radical new marketing plan of their own: meticulously planning, creating, and sharing fantastic content. This focus on content planning did a few things for CoSchedule:

  • Increased traffic by 434%
  • Increased email subscriptions by 1,222%
  • Increased trial signups by 9,360%

8.  Drucker & Scaccetti with Square2Marketing

Drucker and Scaccetti provides accounting services to businesses of all sizes. As with most businesses, their growth was stagnating when they turned to inbound marketing and the crew at Square2Marketing. 

Square2 helped them build an entirely new brand image and a fully functional inbound marketing strategy. D&S was very happy with the results:

  • 1,800% increase in monthly traffic
  • 1,033% increase in monthly leads
  • 5,000+ new blog subscribers

9.  Corrugated Metals, Inc. with ThomasNet

Corrugated Metals, like many manufacturing companies, was struggling to make their outdated marketing strategies work in harmony with the Internet. ThomasNet, a mixed supplier/product database and inbound marketing agency, came to the rescue.

ThomasNet helped them to get up to date with current marketing trends. They implemented a high-quality content marketing strategy, completely overhauled the website, and made sure the site was optimized for SEO and mobile. Corrugated Metals saw great improvements:

  • 198% increase in website traffic
  • 285% increase in leads
  • 321% increase in quote values

10.  The Watch Doctor With protocol 80

We're going to take a moment to brag about one of our own very successful clients. We started working with Mark Sirianni, aka The Watch Doctor, way back in 2012. Long story short, he works out of a very small town in Middle of Nowhere, Pennsylvania, and he was struggling to bring in new customers.

He wanted to not only increase his customer base, but also find the right kind of customers. We set out to develop a new website for him, optimize it for SEO, and implement a blog. We targeted his best buyers: owners of high-class watches such as Omega and Rolex. These are the results:

  • 113% increase in traffic within 9 months
  • A further 54% increase in traffic once the blog was implemented in 2014
  • He calls us almost every day to gush about his online success. Keep on keepin' on, Mark.

To read the full story, download the case study here.

You could be an inbound marketing success story!

Are you inspired by these case studies? Do you want to see this kind of growth within your own business? Inbound marketing is your remedy. 

To get started on your inbound journey, check out the Inbound Campaign Checklist, or learn more about the onboarding process here:

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