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    HubSpot CRM Training: Topics to Cover Before You Start!

    I'm going to preface this post with the understanding that you are already planning a full training on your HubSpot CRM. If not, you should be (without training usage will be inconsistent and cause headaches for everyone). These topics are to preface your training and get everyone on the same page about the who, what, where, when, why, and how.

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    HubSpot Free CRM: Top 5 Features for B2B Sales

    Every B2B company needs a CRM system. Not a contact list in Excel - an actual integrated CRM.

    A full CRM stores your contact information and history: prospects, leads, current and past customers, and more. This database is the central location for storing, tracking, and keeping all visitor activity and info up to date.

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    Are You Building Strong Customer Relationships? [Infographic]

    Just in time for Valentine's Day, we're going to have you take a fun little quiz.

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    The CMS, the CRM and SEO. It's the talk of the town!

    These folks are talking about their CMS, CRM, and SEO plans for the future.
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    Online Tools for Small Business Management & Communication

    This past weekend one of my favorite websites for keeping up with tech and social news, Mashable, posted an interesting article about the 23 free web-based tools that small to medium-sized businesses are asking for now. The idea was to illicit a response on Twitter from folks working for or running an SMB regarding which online tools were most-vital to their daily operations and, in some cases, the best areas for improvement or new opportunities for tools to be created where a given need exists.

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