Adam Vosler - Inbound Marketing Writer

Get to know Adam

Adam-p80-doorFavorite Non-Work Activities:

  • Obsessing over the NFL/Buffalo Bills
  • Playing with his kids

Favorite Work Activities

  • Quality control -- proofreading, optimizing existing content, etc.
  • Anything graphic/visual
  • Leadership initiatives
  • Organizing company fun

Favorite Music:

  • Favorite genres - Indie/Hard/Experimental/Whatever Rock
  • Favorite Band - Thrice
  • Currently Listening to - Palms, self-titled

Education & History:

Adam owns a journalism degree (with an English minor) from Penn State University. After more than a decade in print journalism, he sought a more forward-thinking field of work. He joined protocol 80 in 2017.

Adam spends a great deal of time researching, writing, and refining content for several clients. He's capable of creating blogs, e-books, social media campaigns, email campaigns, landing pages, content strategies, and more.

Also the Director of Fun and Leisure at p80, Adam's a one-time office bowling champion and recently paid $45 for a life-sized cardboard cutout of Taylor Swift.