Adam Vosler - Content Manager

Get to know Adam

Adam-p80-doorFavorite Non-Work Activities:

  • Obsessing over the NFL/Buffalo Bills
  • Playing with his kids

Favorite Work Activities

  • Quality control -- proofreading, optimizing existing content, etc.
  • Anything graphic/visual
  • Leadership initiatives
  • Digging up new content ideas that result in customer success

Favorite Music:

  • Favorite genres - Indie/Hard/Experimental/Whatever Rock
  • Favorite Band - Thrice
  • Currently Listening to - Thursday, "Common Existence"

Education & History:

Adam owns a journalism degree (with an English minor) from Penn State University. After more than a decade in print journalism, he sought a more forward-thinking field of work. He joined protocol 80 in 2017.

Adam spends a great deal of time researching, writing, and refining content for several clients. He's capable of creating blogs, e-books, social media campaigns, email campaigns, landing pages, content strategies, and more.

Also the Director of Fun and Leisure at p80, Adam enjoys Happy Hour game shows and once pushed an office air conditioning unit out the window (by accident).