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September 20

Transform Your Manufacturing Marketing Approach with Inbound Coaching

If you’re here, there’s something not going quite right with your marketing. Likely, you’re under the gun to prove ROI for the efforts you’ve been accomplishing and realize the current path just isn’t going to cut it.

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September 15

p80 Stands Out at FABTECH 2023 with Three Key Presenters

CHICAGO, Il. – Fall brings more than just picturesque foliage and cozy evenings – for protocol 80 (p80), a leading inbound marketing agency based in Bradford, Pa., fall also marks the time for the annual FABTECH conference. This year was especially exciting for p80, as three members of their team presented to the assembly of manufacturers in Chicago on Tuesday and Wednesday.

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September 11

protocol 80 Earns Coveted CRM Onboarding Accreditation

p80 is now one of a handful of inbound marketing agencies holding more than one HubSpot Partner accreditation BRADFORD, Pa. – protocol 80, Inc., (p80) a leading inbound marketing agency based in Bradford, Pa., has achieved a third accreditation from HubSpot, a top-ranking customer relationship management (CRM) platform company.

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August 30

FABTECH 2023: p80 Style

It’s one of our favorite times of the year – Fall is approaching, the weather is perfect, and the countdown to FABTECH 2023 is on.

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August 15

HubSpot CMS HUB: A Powerful, Secure, & Affordable Solution for Marketers

As a marketer, you understand the significance of having an efficient and scalable digital platform for your online presence. You've likely heard of WordPress and Drupal, but today, I want to introduce you to our favorite: HubSpot CMS.

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July 20


We all have that tech-wiz colleague – whom we can all be jealous of. What if there was an easy way you could become this person?

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July 10

Your Guide to HubSpot Onboarding Options

Ever stared at an intricate piece of machinery and wondered how all the parts sync together to create an impactful whole?

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June 22

HubSpot Pro vs. Enterprise: 2023 Features & Pricing

HubSpot is the biggest and best in a sea of CRM (customer relationship management) tools. As B2B companies and customers evolve, so does HubSpot's software, and keeping pace with the improvements is both exciting and challenging.

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June 13

Savvy Saving Secrets: Guide to Snagging a HubSpot Discount

Have you been considering using HubSpot to boost your business, but aren’t sure if it’ll fit into your already stretched marketing budget?

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