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February 06

5 Trade Show Follow-Up Email Templates to Nurture Your Leads

You attend trade shows to obtain valuable leads for your company. But do you have a plan in place for what to do once you’re back in the office from the trade show so you can move those leads closer to a purchase?

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February 01

6 Pre-Trade Show Email Templates You Should Be Sending

In-person trade shows are slowly, but surely returning! With all the uncertainty of the past couple of years, this news provides numerous exciting opportunities. Trade shows can give a huge boost to your business and marketing campaign IF you approach them correctly.

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January 30

25 Ways to Increase Brand Awareness with Inbound Marketing

One of the top concerns among our brand-new clients is a lack of brand awareness. They have so many great things to offer, but no one seems to know they exist. Does this sound like you?

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January 26

B2B Marketing Automation & Lead Nurturing Emails: 20 Must-Know Stats

When you’ve finally found that great lead -- or leads -- through your inbound marketing efforts, the relationship with that potential customer is just beginning. In fact, interactions between your company and that fresh lead should span every step of the buyer’s journey and their trip down the sales funnel. It'll require regular engagement and providing appropriate information at the right time, along with awesome sales follow-up emails and other outreach.

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January 23

VIDEO: 3 Digital B2B Marketing Automation Tools for Saving Time, Money

Change happens daily for marketing and sales teams, and it can be difficult to keep track of every single contact and their information. And once you combine the number of contacts you have with the different stages of the sales cycle, you can quickly become overwhelmed. This is where B2B marketing automation tools come in.

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January 18

6 Lead-Nurturing Email Templates for B2B Healthcare Marketing

A B2B medical marketing prospect’s email address is a precious commodity. Most people don’t freely give out their email address unless they’re getting something valuable in return. No one wants to inadvertently sign up for spam or an unwanted free trial. So, how do you nurture a B2B buyer persona with something more tasty -- something valuable, educational, and relevant to their pain points?

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January 12

Steal These Best B2B Blog Examples for 2023 (Not Literally)

If you’re a B2B (business-to-business) company, then you understand how difficult it can be to produce exciting content about “boring” niche subjects that will reach a wide audience.

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January 04

2023 Inbound Marketing Stats on the Power of Call-to-Action Buttons

Inbound marketers are the first to tell you that CTAs are your secret weapon. Whether you’re looking to increase traffic, conversions, leads, or sales - CTAs are the gateways to visitor action on your website. It's true, and it makes sense, but you've gotta back up your claims with evidence. In today's blog post, we've provided a convenient list of inbound marketing statistics that will help you convince others of the power of CTAs.

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December 28

What is social proof? (+ 5 types of social proof and examples)

Last week I needed to buy flea and tick shampoo for my puppy, Quinn. It was a busy week, and I didn’t take the time to research shampoo brands before I ran to Tractor Supply Co.

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