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December 02

Inbound vs. PPC: Is PPC Inbound or Outbound Marketing?

The farmboy and the princess. The swordsman and the giant. The grandfather and his grandson.

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November 22

Efficiency through CRM | Managing HubSpot for Multiple Companies

Juggling data for multiple brands can be a challenge. Finding the right combination of segmentation and availability will enhance your productivity and cut down on unnecessary steps in the reporting process. 3 Setup Options for HubSpot When Managing Multiple Accounts From data management to brand identity, there are a lot of balls to juggle when managing multiple brands under one parent organization. HubSpot provides different solutions for this, tailored to your company’s needs. Various approaches can be configured to maximize their ease of use and accessibility while also limiting access based on team needs.

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November 21

FABTECH Forecasting: What to be Excited About in 2023!

Last week, the p80 crew took a trip down to Atlanta for FABTECH 2022. While walking the floor, we talked to people from a myriad of different companies to get a pulse on the new and exciting technology being introduced to the industrial sector in 2023.

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November 21

Inbound vs. ABM: A Deep Dive into Best Practice

Content marketing strategy is a key component of business success. When it comes to content strategy, both inbound marketing and account-based marketing (ABM) come into play.

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October 24

SEO Content Strategy: Your Old Content Can Still Attract Traffic

“Inbound marketing is the bee's knees! Unlike many other marketing strategies, inbound focuses on everything from getting noticed through delighting current customers. As you could guess, there are many moving parts to any successful inbound marketing strategy...some easy, minimal tasks, some time consuming, difficult tasks."

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September 22

Switching Marketing Agencies: 8 Red Flags to Look Out For

Partnering with an agency to accomplish your marketing goals can be an amazing, successful investment in business growth for your company. However, not every partnership is a match made in heaven. We’ve found when talking to clients, prospects, and others in the digital marketing realm one theme comes up a lot when discussing agency underperformance: “I just thought this was normal.” It can be hard to decipher what’s the industry standard when it comes to agencies, and if you’re getting the most out of your investment. This guide aims to help you assess if the friction points you’re experiencing are expected or if it might be time to seriously consider an agency switch.

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September 16

How to Measure Inbound Marketing ROI

“We’re spending good money on B2B inbound marketing. What’s the return on our investment?” Your boss wants to see figures. Simply saying, “Umm … website traffic is up?” won’t cut it.

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September 01

How to Create a B2B Content Strategy in 6 Simple Steps

Understanding how to create a B2B content strategy can prove tricky. However, using some tools and tricks, you can quickly generate blog topic ideas (and other forms of content) that’ll be relevant and beneficial to your boss or client.

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August 31

Mergers and Acquisitions Marketing Strategy & The Pros of Outsourcing

Businesses are created, thrive, and fold with the fluctuation of the economy. Almost as common as a business closing is the announcement of a merger between two brands or of the acquisition of one company by another.

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