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    5 Signs Your Manufacturing Branding is a Waste of Money

    As a manufacturer, you understand the importance of ROI (return on investment). It's easy to invest in $400k in machinery if it's going to produce $10 Mil in revenue, right? But what about things you're less familiar with, yet you know they're important. Take branding for's important, but it's also easy to miss the boat. Here are 5 things that will help you determine whether or not you are wasting money on your branding investment.

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    10 Questions to Ask Your AdWords Agency

    Because we have been doing training seminars on AdWords recently, we get to talk to many businesses about their experiences. We completely understand that most business people won't have an in depth knowledge of AdWords and we wouldn't expect them to. What I have found in talking to them is the lack of knowledge of what type of service, value, etc. they are getting from their current AdWords agencies. In fact, some of these businesses are getting straight up taken advantage of.

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    Do You Know...About Manufacturing Marketing Automation?

    Marketing automation is fantastic (if done right). It helps turn your leads into revenue and helps time-strapped small businesses use their marketing more effectively.

    Are you still teetering on whether or not you are going to use marketing automation? Here are some interesting things (you may not already know):

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    Impact of a Marketing Strategy on Business Performance

    A marketing strategy should be tied directly to improving your bottom line. If it's not, then what's the purpose?

    While you may find it difficult to correlate marketing spend to actual revenue growth, that doesn't mean they're not directly related. And here's the good news: with inbound marketing you absolutely can track the impact of your efforts on business performance!

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    Why Your Inbound Marketing Isn't Working Pt 2: Impatience

    Simply implementing inbound marketing doesn't mean it will be a home run. In fact, it's pretty easy to strike out.

    In the first part of my series we covered how your inbound efforts can fail if you've done a crummy job with your buyer persona development. If you haven't read "Why Your Inbound Marketing Isn't Working Part 1" yet, I'd recommend doing so before continuing with this post. :)

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    Why Your Inbound Marketing Isn't Working Pt 1: Buyer Personas

    If done right, inbound marketing can work for any business that has a considered purchase...but it can also fail. It can fail for a variety of reasons, but let's start to break some of those reasons down.

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    5 Compelling Reasons to Pick Up Inbound Sales Today

    Have you ever been in one of those "hindsight is 20/20" situations? You're not alone.

    Two years from now, you don't want to look back and say,"Imagine where we'd be if we started inbound sales two years ago!"  While the methodology is still new compared to traditional sales methods, it's absolutely worth the time and effort to implement.

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    How to Prepare for an Inbound Sales Call

    If you're about to hop on an inbound sales call, you must be prepared. You need to handle these calls much differently than an old school sales call.

    In fact, maybe we shouldn't call these sales calls at all... maybe we should call them support calls!

    HubSpot Free CRM: Top 5 Features for B2B Sales

    Every B2B company needs a CRM system. Not a contact list in Excel - an actual integrated CRM.

    A full CRM stores your contact information and history: prospects, leads, current and past customers, and more. This database is the central location for storing, tracking, and keeping all visitor activity and info up to date.

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    Adding Inbound Sales to Improve Lead to Close Rate

    The way people buy has changed.

    That means marketing, advertising, and selling methods have to change as well. Old tactics are useless against new habits, channels, and expectations. For marketers, inbound marketing is the answer to new buying behaviors.

    For salespeople, the answer is inbound sales.

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