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December 31

Happy New Year from p80

2015 came to an end quicker than any year I can remember. I can't exactly pinpoint why...maybe it's simply because I'm another year older (they say the older you get, the faster time flies), maybe it's because it was such a busy year for us here, or maybe it just went fast for everyone. One thing is for sure: as I look back at this year, there have been some big things going on here at protocol 80! Here's a quick recap of some of my favorite!

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August 21

How to Get People to Find Your Website Content: The Top 3 Tactics

Content, content, content. There's no doubt that you've been told that content is important to your website's success. If you haven't been then I am telling you now. Without quality website content you will never find the success your website and marketing could have.

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August 14

You are Invited to Our Google Partners Connect Event!

You might be asking yourself..."what the heck is that?". I'll explain it.

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August 12

Content Marketing for Manufacturers - A Brainstorming Session

Compared to 10 years ago, significantly more manufacturers will acknowledge their need for online marketing vs. their old tactics. Heck...compared to 2 years ago there's been a shift.

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August 07

New Website Launch - Sportsman's Outlet

Another exciting new website launch, this week for a local sporting goods retailer called Sportsman's Outlet. The store has had a website for a few years, but was more of a basic informational site.

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August 05

Make a Small Marketing Team More Efficient With These 3 Tips

Having a small marketing team (or even a non-existent one) doesn't mean that you cannot be successful with marketing. With proper planning and implementation, small to medium enterprises (SMEs) can destroy their competition, especially online. When trying to make your small marketing team efficient and EFFECTIVE, start with these 3 tips.

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July 29

Google Panda Refresh and Your Website Traffic

Google Panda 4.1 was not that long ago and now you may have heard, Panda 4.2 was released within the last week. You can read 100 different articles about the Panda refresh, but if you aren't in the industry they'll bore you before you can actually finish.

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July 24

Have you worked with us before?

We value your feedback and would love to hear from you. There are many options for providing us your feedback, here are some of the best ways:

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July 22

How to Report Search Engine Optimization Success to Your Boss

If you have implemented an SEO strategy your company has some sort of investment, whether it's time or money. Because of that investment, it's likely that someone at the company wants to know whether or not the investment was good or not. If you are in charge of marketing, you are the one to answer that question.

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July 15

10 Tips to Maintain an Ongoing Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing cannot be something you do for 3 months and then forget about it. A proper content marketing strategy WILL be successful, but it must be ongoing. Here are 10 tips to maintain an ongoing content marketing strategy.

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