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Can I Keep My Current Website if I Migrate to HubSpot?


You’re at a crossroads. Your company’s website hasn’t been generating nearly enough traffic -- and the resulting void in sales leads has left you scratching your head.

So, you’ve found a friend in HubSpot. But what does that mean for your current website?

Do you like your site as it is? Can you keep it? What if you’re happy with parts of your current site? Can you pick and choose pages for “going live” with HubSpot?

No matter the angle, the correct answer is yes.

So whether you’re saying yes, maybe, or no to HubSpot, here are some options available to you.

Migrate to HubSpot? Yes, please!

You like your website as it is. You spent months going back and forth with your web dev to make it perfect. It may even adjust to fit smartphone screens and other devices.

But you need that extra boost.

With HubSpot comes a range of options from hosting your entire website or just parts (like your blog or landing pages). You can simply keep your site as it looks and feels now and move it to a new host -- and you’ll avoid the pain of changing your URL!

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In the end you’ll have access to your familiar site AND a host of tools to help you monitor, analyze, and adjust your marketing strategies to help you attract, convert, and close leads.

Migrate to HubSpot? Maybe just a bit.

You may like most, if not all, of your current website. But you think some things would be best managed by HubSpot.

No worries. That’s common.

Many companies choose to migrate only their blogs or landing pages to HubSpot’s Content Optimization System (COS). While it’s not as effective as moving your entire site over, you’ll still have access to the same web-analytics, content-management and optimization tools mentioned above.

Migrating your blog to HubSpot will bring the benefits of using a single tool, file management, closed-loop reporting, content personalization, and having a fast and secure site. You’ll also get an inside scoop on SEO. HubSpot will let you know if a title or specific keyword won’t rank well with search engines.

Migrate to HubSpot? No, thanks.

Maybe it’s just not for you, but you’d like your website to reap the benefits of a partnership or association with HubSpot. Again, no problem.

Just be sure, after skipping the instructions to go live, you read how to install the HubSpot tracking code on your non-HubSpot site. If you don’t, you won’t be able to track the analytics and make related adjustments.

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