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    How Kenneth Cole Could Have Avoided Tweet Hell

    A couple weeks ago I wrote a post about Kenneth Cole's tweet that angered the twitosphere. As a refresher, he tweeted:

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    The Kenneth Cole Tweet Heard Round The World

    UPDATE: Check out my follow up post on ways Kenneth Cole could have avoided Tweet-Hell!

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    5 Ways Twitter Is Making RSS Obsolete

    Be honest here: do you subscribe to RSS feeds? More importantly, if you do subscribe to RSS feeds, do you actively monitor them and read the content posted to them or do you ignore it or forget to look? It's no secret that a lot of news stories are being broken on Twitter before they're seen anywhere else in today's news stream, and as a result more folks are turning to the ever-popular social website not just to communicate, but to learn. Here are three reasons that Twitter is becoming the one-stop shop to get your news, and why RSS is becoming less-important to mere mortals.

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    Twitter for the Absolute Beginner - Part 3

    Welcome to the 3rd and final part of my Twitter guide for the absolute beginner. In part 1 of the series I wrote about the fundamentals of Twitter and in part 2 I covered some more advanced topics like the importance of following, ideas for what to tweet and how to setup twitter searches so you can monitor your brand. In this section I'll explain how to tailor the look of your business's Twitter profile to match your company's brand and share some fun tools that'll make managing your Twitter presence a breeze. Let's get started!

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    Twitter for the Absolute Beginner - Part 2

    This is part 2 of my beginner's guide to Twitter for small business owners and employees. If you missed part 1 be sure to get caught up here. Part 1 was more focused on the fundamentals of using Twitter, and in this post I'll give some guidelines for growing your follower count and monitoring your brand so that you can interact with current and prospect customers. All set? Here we go!

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    Social Media and the World

    Today's post doesn't involve social media tips or blogging tips for your small business. Today I want to reflect on how social media impacts our world using one story, "The Man With The Golden Voice" as the main reference point. I know...I am late to the game. After all it has been 3 days. Before I make my point, you should probably understand the story. You have likely picked up bits and pieces of the Ted Williams story in water cooler discussion and maybe already have seen the videos. If not take a second to watch...go ahead, I'll wait.

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    Your Social Rank Already Impacts Your SEO

    As we have been telling our small business clients for some time, it has been made very clear that social media will soon have an effect on search engine ranks. Well, it looks like the time has already come. In a blog post released today, Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Land revealed some insights into how Google and Bing are currently using social involvement in their algorithms.

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    Twitter's Official Analytics Tool - Small Businesses Should Care

    The rumored official analytics product for and by twitter has apparently launched today with a select group of Twitter users getting invited to join. While there are already 3rd party apps that will give you some analytics for twitter, none of them will be able to provide the level of accuracy that an official tool by twitter can.

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    Understand Twitter Before You Abandon Your Account

    With the amount of tweets that have been posted, it is surprising that most people that create an account abandon it within 2 weeks. Why does this happen?

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