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September 16

How to Measure Inbound Marketing ROI

  “We’re spending good money on B2B inbound marketing. What’s the return on our investment?” Your boss wants to see figures. Simply saying, “Umm … website traffic is up?” won’t cut it.

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September 01

How to Create a B2B Content Strategy in 6 Simple Steps

Understanding how to create a B2B content strategy can prove tricky. However, using some tools and tricks, you can quickly generate blog topic ideas (and other forms of content) that’ll be relevant and beneficial to your boss or client.

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July 27

Strategy Guide: 5 Tips For Creating A Quarterly Marketing Plan

A new quarter. A fresh start. Time to try new things and attract new business. 

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July 17

How to: Build a B2B Website Strategy That Scores Leads

“Our company has a website.” You may have a problem if that’s all you can muster when someone asks you about your online marketing strategy.

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May 26

How To: Allocate Budget for a Digital Marketing Strategy in 5 Steps

There are numerous digital marketing techniques spanning just as many platforms -- email, social media, blogging, website optimization, video, and so on. And when you’re thinking about marketing for your business, it can be tempting to want to include as many of those techniques as possible.

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February 14

Thank-You Page Examples for Contact Forms -- Nurture Your B2B Leads

If you're here, you already know landing pages are a core component of capturing leads from your website. You know how to increase conversion rates on your website by offering valuable content (e-book, free consultation, etc.) in exchange for the visitor's contact into. Now that you've captured your lead's information, what's next? 

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January 18

Steal These Best B2B Blog Examples for 2022 (Not Literally)

If you’re a B2B (business-to-business) company, then you understand how difficult it can be to produce exciting content about “boring” niche subjects that will reach a wide audience.

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January 06

How to Increase Website Traffic Without PPC Using SEO, Social & More

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a great, and often very impactful, way to quickly generate website traffic. However, the PPC model may not be a good fit for every situation.

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January 03

What Does It Mean to Qualify a B2B Lead? (& How to Do It)

You have leads coming to your website. Some won’t ever buy. Some are browsing. Some are considering.  How do you know which leads to nurture and how to nurture them in customers?

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January 03

Identifying Good Habits of Top Sales & Marketing Performers

Are there any professions that have been changed by COVID-19 more than selling and marketing? We’ve picked up some new habits -- some are good and some are … well, not so good.

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