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September 01

How to Create a B2B Content Strategy in 6 Simple Steps

Understanding how to create a B2B content strategy can prove tricky. However, using some tools and tricks, you can quickly generate blog topic ideas (and other forms of content) that’ll be relevant and beneficial to your boss or client.

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August 31

Mergers and Acquisitions Marketing Strategy & The Pros of Outsourcing

Businesses are created, thrive, and fold with the fluctuation of the economy. Almost as common as a business closing is the announcement of a merger between two brands or of the acquisition of one company by another.

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August 31

Inbound Marketing Plan For New Products

From the countless hours spent creating blueprints, mockups, and implementing design changes, bringing a new product to market is a major investment for any business. But the hard work doesn’t stop once the product is created. To ensure a successful product launch, it’s crucial to develop a strategic marketing plan that efficiently gets your product out in front of different audiences.

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August 25

Over-optimization | When SEO Goes Sour

From the desk of p80’s Senior Inbound Marketing Specialist Remember that one home maintenance project you took on a few years back?

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August 17

protocol 80's Annual Company Picnic 2022

The view to the water from our pavilion at Willow Bay.

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July 27

Strategy Guide: 5 Tips For Creating A Quarterly Marketing Plan

A new quarter. A fresh start. Time to try new things and attract new business.

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July 26

Perspective: Inbound Strategy for B2B Companies

Oftentimes when I’m asked about inbound strategy, it’s tempting to give a wishy-washy answer like, “It depends on the situation” “It depends on the company” “It depends on the goal.” This kind of deflection helps no one improve, create, and measure their strategies.

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July 25

Competitive Marketing Strategy: 5 Ways to Stay Ahead of Competitors

You’re already behind if you’re not paying attention to your competitors’ marketing.

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July 19

5 Video Marketing Strategy Examples for Manufacturing Company Websites

Research shows that today’s internet users prefer videos over text and pictures. (

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July 17

How to: Build a B2B Website Strategy That Scores Leads

“Our company has a website.” You may have a problem if that’s all you can muster when someone asks you about your online marketing strategy.

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