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November 05

4 Ways To Reuse Your Blog Posts

We preach and preach that you should be blogging regularly. We share stats about how much better companies with an ongoing blogging effort do at generating leads. We practically beg you to write regular blog posts! While blogging is excellent for your Search Engine Optimization efforts, it can also be a huge driver of other tactics you employ online. Here're some ways to reuse your blog posts. 1 - Blog Posts Make Great, Share-able Social Media Content If you've held the position that your company doesn't have anything to share in social media, you're wrong. One great "side affect" of blogging regularly is that it will feed your social media efforts. In fact, a single blog post can yield several social posts. How's that you ask? Simple, after writing a blog post, you can take several facts from the post and turn them into short social media updates with links to your blog post. Using HootSuite or Buffer you can then schedule the social posts to be sent on different days in the future. ...

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October 29

You Have To Segment Your Email Marketing List

Small Business Inbound Marketing Lead Nurturing

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3 Website Marketing Tips For Manufacturers

There's a common mindset with many manufacturers that their website can only be an informational, brochure-style site because they sell to other businesses, with a long sales process. They think that because they can't sell direct online, their options for making their website a business-generating tool are limited. They tend to receive contact form submissions from current customers or potential customers that a sales person has already spoken to, but no new leads develop because of their site. Does this sound like your manufacturing business?

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October 22

Is Attracting Website Visitors Your Biggest Inbound Marketing Problem?

Even if you have the best looking website in the world, it's useless without website traffic. While many new clients that we work with can definitely use a face-lift and strategy for their website, their biggest issue is often that they have no real traffic. If the top of the Inbound Marketing funnel is empty, the middle and bottom of the funnel are sure to follow suit. That's obviously a problem and all too often the case when we meet with a new client. Your biggest Inbound Marketing downfall may just be attracting website visitors. Start By Answering Some Questions Before starting your efforts to fill the top of your funnel, you need to be clear on some things... Who are your buyers? Define your buyer personas. Don't shortcut this process. Your buyer personas need to be the source of all of your marketing. These are your ideal buyers we're talking about. You need to know more about them than their job title at a company that could buy your stuff. What is your current volume of ...

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October 21

Setting Up Age Demographic Filtering in Google Analytics

If you are using Google Analytics and are now tracking demographic information, start using the filtering feature to better understand your website's user experience based on their age. A 25 year old will have a different experience on a website than someone 60+ (in many cases), so by clumping all of that data together you aren't getting a true picture. In compiling these reports you may save yourself from jumping to conclusions that maybe aren't true.

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October 15

A Great Inbound Marketing Presentation

Are you still unfamiliar with what Inbound Marketing is all about? I came across this excellent slideshare presentation by one of the founders of the term Inbound Marketing, Dharmesh Shah, that you should do yourself a favor and speed read. It's a very quick read and will really clarify things if you are still unclear on Inbound Marketing: Jumpstart: The Guide To Growing A Startup With Inbound Marketing from HubSpot A Few Major Points Newspaper, radio and other traditional paid ads are simply temporary, rented attention 100% of people dislike being interrupted - 100% therefore dislike traditional advertising It's about providing value instead of forcing your way in Inbound marketing and content are owned, long lasting attention generating tools The following funnel simplistically outlines the components of Inbound Marketing relative to the sales process: There are 5.9 Billion searches on Google EVERY DAY! Solve for humans not for Google. Happy Humans = Happy Goolge. Happy Google = ...

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September 25

The Biggest Thing Your Website's Missing


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September 12

Is Blogging Still Important?

Marketers who have prioritized blogging are 13x more likely to generate a positive ROI

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